Ice cream dessert concoctions have been getting more and more intricate, and the ice cream taco is a testament to this. The tasty trend has gained popularity in big cities such as New York and L.A, but only recently touched down in Chicago. In the Windy City, The Dessert Dealer is serving up gorgeous ice cream taco combinations, or as they like to call them, TACOlatos.

What is The Dessert Dealer?

Located in the heart of Chicago's Wicker Park and West Loop neighborhoods, The Dessert Dealer is a dessert counter inside of Parlor Pizza Bar. Their menu consists of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, cappuccinos, and their signature dessert tacos. After munching on a creative pizza, Parlor Pizza Bar diners can easily head over to the dessert counter to order up some sugary treats. 

Ice Cream Taco Combos

At the West Loop location, The Dessert Dealer menu boasts eight signature TACOlato combinations. There's also a seasonal ice cream taco every month! But it's super easy and fun to make your own ice cream taco concoction, too.

First, select your waffle cone shell dipped in either white chocolate, dark chocolate, or confetti sprinkles. Next, pick from an assortment of gelato and ice cream flavors. If you're all about peanut butter and fudge sauces (or even blue-raspberry), don't hesitate to add those on, too. Finally, choose from a list of over 30 toppings to finish off your treat. Some unique garnishes include Thin Mints, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Rainbow Airheads!

Don't feel like crafting your own TACOlato? Check out some of the signature ice cream tacos below. 

Cookie Monster

If you're a chocoholic, this taco is for you. Cookies and cream gelato is nestled inside a double chocolate shell and topped with Oreo pieces, maraschino cherries, fudge sauce, mini chocolate chips, and whipped cream. After one of these, you are sure to be in choco-heaven. 

Pillow Talk

If you were to take a box of frozen Thin Mints and multiply that taste experience by 10, you would get this taco. Their mint chocolate chip gelato is topped with Thin Mints, Junior Mints, Andes Mints, fresh mint, fudge sauce, and whipped cream all inside of a double chocolate shell. Out on a first date? Share this taco to ensure tasty vibes and good breath for all.

Gimme S'More

This isn't your average campfire half-burnt marshmallow. Rocky Road ice cream is adorned with Hershey's chunks, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, fudge sauce, and whipped cream all inside a double chocolate shell. Whether you've gotten your marshmallow roasting down to a science or you prefer microwaved s'mores, this ice cream taco is sure to elevate your game.

If you're heading to the Windy City anytime soon, make sure to hit up The Dessert Dealer for some of their out-of-this-world ice cream tacos. Not in the mood to take down a taco for dessert? Try their fried gelato or Oreo cheesecake pie. Whether you're just looking for an Instagrammable dessert or are seriously trying to wean yourself off of Choco Tacos, these TACOlatos are sure to hit the spot.