I was a Girl Scout for almost ten years and consider myself somewhat of an expert on the Girl Scout Cookie. My personal favorite will forever be Animal Crackers, which were the precursor of Thanks A Lots. And like any sane person, I put Thin Mints in my freezer before eating them.

While I was a Girl Scout, my mom was the "Cookie Mom". Essentially this means that every year for a couple of weeks our basement would be filled with boxes upon boxes of cookies. One time we had enough Thin Mints to make an entire couch out of the boxes. 

I thought my extensive knowledge on these cookies was on lockdown. Somehow, though, I completely missed a huge announcement in the Girl Scout Cookie world.

This announcement pertained to General Mills' Girl Scout Cookie Cereal. Yes, you read that correctly. Girl. Scout. Cookie. Cereal.

With the option between Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch (taking the role of Caramel deLite), this cereal is out for only a limited time. I knew I needed to try these out before they were gone. 

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of cereal. Years of being lactose intolerant have impacted my view of this breakfast staple. That being said, as a self-proclaimed expert on these cookies, I needed to see if this cereal is up to snuff with the cookies. 

After an extensive Google search, as well as perusing through almost every grocery store around, I managed to snag a box of the Thin Mint Cereal. 

First Impressions 

From first glance, the pieces of cereal resembled kibble, that didn't necessarily entice me. The smell, though, was pretty spot on. A sweet minty-chocolate aroma permeated the air as soon as I opened the box. 

From the first spoonful all I could think of was Cookie Crisp, the children's cereal that looks like you're eating a bowl of chocolate chip cookies. 

The minty flavor was barely detectable, and I got more of a corniness than chocolate. After a while the flavors became stronger, so I would recommend you pass on this one if you want a real strong Thin Mint flavor. 

The flavor of the cereal isn't in your face so if you just have a couple pieces of cereal per bite you'll probably get more of a Cookie Crisp taste, plus corn. 

How the Cookie Crumbles on the Label

Compared to the original cookie, the cereal is actually healthier. Per 3/4 cup serving, the cereal clocks in at 120 calories, compared to the 161 calories from the 4 cookie serving of Thin Mints. It also has less sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. 

With that in mind, if you're a diehard Thin Mint fan, this won't wow you. But if you're ever dreamed of having an entire bowl of Girl Scout Cookies, these will do the job. 

After this taste test I'm actually interested to see whether or not the Caramel Crunch is a good Caramel deLite dupe. While this cereal didn't blow my mind, it would be a great snack if you don't want a chocolate overload. 

I won't be trading in my boxes of Thin Mints in for this cereal anytime soon, but it was a fun way to fulfill my dream of eating a bowl of Girl Scout Cookies without going into a food coma.