EEEEEATSCON may be one of the most exciting foodie gatherings I've been to. Firstly, any pictures of the event do not do it justice because the massive venue is ordained with blue food inspired dècor, which made for amazing Instagram posts. Moreover, the sheer variety of audiences that this event caters to is incredible. There is live music, entertaining performance, intriguing panels, cooking class and of course mouth-watering food. 

The Food

Food is obviously the hero of EEEEEATSCON. Although all the food that we had the pleasure of trying was incredible, I will be highlighting my favourites subsequently. 

Vaibhav Aggarwal

Levain's cookie from the AMEX Gold Lounge was THE best cookie I've ever bought from a store. Despite being from New York the cookies tasted fresh. In my opinion, the mark of a great cookie is not needing to wash it back with milk and not needing a break from it being over sweet, Levain ticked all of the boxes. If you ever get the chance fo eating this cookie I urge you to seize it.

Vaibhav Aggarwal

Shake Shack and Petit Trois's collaboration burger was incredibly flavorful. This burger had an amazing sauce and a perfect patty. I expect nothing less from both of these quintessential burger joints. Unfortunately, it was a one time experience, which is all the more reason to go to EEEEEATSCON.

Vaibhav Aggarwal

Last but not least, Everson Royce Bar served the flakiest, most buttery biscuits. I would definitely recommend going even if it is just to order one plate of biscuits. I'm not a massive fan of biscuits but these were unarguably a delight to eat, especially with the cinnamon sugar butter. 

Special Activities

I had been incredibly excited to visit The Milk Bar. Despite living in LA I hadn't had the opportunity to visit it. Not only did I get to try the iconic truffles but I got to take a class and learn how to make them. It was enjoyable and exciting because we got to take home some of the truffles. It was hard to keep the truffles in the bag for long because they were so tempting. 

Rachel Lee

I am a BIG Tabasco fan. Thus the Tabasco tasting bar was a highlight for my experience. It was interesting to see the different types of Tabasco and actually discovered I really like the garlic flavoured sauce a lot more than the original. More than this, I snagged some amazing Tabasco merchandise. 

Twix held a very interesting stall. It paired black coffee with the Twix bars to offer up another way to be eating this chocolate bar. Chocolate and coffee are already a match made in heaven but this combination is perfect because the coffee's acidity is offset by the sweetness of the chocolate and the caramel. I definitely think you should try this combination especially if you find Twixs to be too sweet. 


To say I was excited to see Awkwafina and Darren Criss would be a crazy understatement. This panel brought a giant smile to my face to my fangirl face. The panel was not only perfectly casual to match the laid back tone of the entire event but also very unique as it discussed both celebrities' careers and lives. Moreover, the rhetoric of Asian-American experiences brought a level of intelligence to the conversation making the panel all the more worth it. 

Vaibhav Aggarwal

The musical and dance performances were amazing. They were an integral aspect of making walking around the event enjoyable and creating an ambience of liveliness as we ate our food. 

I had a great time at EEEEEATSCON LA 2019 and I will be returning next year. Definitely look out for the EEEEEATSCON near you and if you can I would encourage you to take the opportunity to experience a fun day with friends.