LA's most unique foodie event, EEEEEATSCON LA, is happening on May 18th AND 19th this year.  This year 'The Infatuation' has packed so much into the event that they had to spread the event over 2 whole days! Buy your tickets today to make sure you get to experience this annual celebration of food, music and celebrities. 


EEEEEATSCON LA is a food event that happens every year and is modelled like a music festival as it comprises food, music and irresistible panels. This year EEEEEATSCON LA is bringing an eclectic array of food vendors including Triple Beam Pizza from LA and The Beefsteaks all the way from London. If that wasn't enough to convince you, EEEEEATSCON LA isn't compromising on entertainment with music from Young&Sick and Hailey Knox along with talks by stars Awkwafina and Dan Levy. 

What is The Infatuation?

The Infatuation is the perfect way to find new places to eat. Especially here in LA, where there are way too many options, The Infatuation helps consumers like you and me decide where we should be spending our money. They are committed to the truth as they receive no special treatment form restaurants and even use fake names whilst paying for their own meals. The Infatuation changes the way you approach eating out altogether.

Now that you know everything about the event. Here is everything you need to know before getting there. 

The More the Merrier

There is going to be a lot of food so we definitely recommend gathering all your friends and sharing food so you can sample all the incredible food that will be available at the event! It goes without saying that you should definitely skip breakfast to save space in your stomach. 

It's Not Just For The Foodies

EEEEEATSCON LA is fun for many reasons, but a main reason is that it has a lot to offer along with the food. The event will have an amazing line up of musicians and speakers, which might be more intriguing to your non-foodie friends. These panels are specifically catered and shouldn't be missed. 

Bring Your Camera

The event is going to showcase so much food that it would be a missed opportunity to not spam your gram. Use hashtags galore and even snap some pictures of celebrities like Darren Criss (I will be). 

The Lyft Promo

EEEEEATSCON LA is partnering with Lyft this year and that means all you rideshare fanatics can get 25% off when you take a Lyft to or from the event. Just use "EEEEEATSCONLA" in the promos section. However, if you're bringing your car, the event does have designated parking you can purchase with your ticket. 

Don't Get Distracted By The Food

Although I'm sure the food vendors will be the most tempting attraction at the event, the panels in the tents and in the wine room shouldn't be missed as they will be very intriguing and perhaps even better than the food. But probably not. However, the panels are a treat, and I would recommend them heavily. They are a very unique part of EEEEEATSCON LA and will help round off your experience. 

Out-Of-State And International Restaurants

Although there are SO many LA restaurants coming to the event, there are also eateries coming from out of state and even from across oceans. It may be ideal to prioritize those restaurants you may not be able to visit in the near future (like The BeefSteaks from London). That doesn't mean you should ignore the local vendors because I am definitely stopping by Sticky Rice and Milk Bar.

Create A Game Plan

There will be a lot of things to do in the span of one or two days and it is important you visit all the vendors and panels you want to. Some vendors and celebrities are only going to be at EEEEEATSCON LA on one of the 2 days so if you can't make it to both, definitely weigh the pros and cons of each day so you can make the most out of your tickets and time. 

Lastly, Wear Your Stretchiest Pants

Get ready to feel a new level of 'stuffing your mouth' because EEEEEATSCON LA is definitely going to test your limits. Go spend a unique day out in LA and prepare to make this event an annual occurrence in your calendars. 

I am looking forward to EEEEEATSCON LA and I hope you are too. If you find yourself in LA on May 18th or 19th, go treat yourself to some of the best food out there.