As a lover of anything frozen yogurt or ice cream related, when I heard about Whole Foods' new mochi bar, I knew I had to check it out. Basically, mochi is a sticky Japanese rice cake that can be filled with various flavors of ice cream, ranging from matcha green tea to vanilla bean.

Although I never had mochi before, my sweet tooth is always down to try new desserts. So clearly, I went to try Whole Foods' mochi and see what all the hype was about.

The Mochi Bar

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Olivia Salzman

When I found the mochi bar, I was overwhelmed and excited to look at all of the flavors and decide which to get. The mochi is well kept in a cold freezer, with plastic containers and tongs for customers to pick out whatever flavors they want. 

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Olivia Salzman

Not to mention, looking at the mochi was extremely aesthetically pleasing, as it was organized in cases by flavor, $2 per mochi. Also, A+ to Whole Foods for creating a self-serve bar so that customers can browse the mochi options and choose what to get on their own. 

The Flavors

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Olivia Salzman

After some time being indecisive as per usual, I chose to try the matcha green tea, double chocolate, and black sesame mochi. Here's the run down. 

Matcha Green Tea

Olivia Salzman

I truly wasn't expecting to be a huge fan of the matcha green tea mochi and was pleasantly surprised. As I bit into the mochi, I was nervous to taste an overpowering flavor. However, the matcha green tea flavor was extremely refreshing and the balance of the flavors make for a tasteful summer treat.

Double Chocolate

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Olivia Salzman

As a huge chocolate lover, I know good chocolate dessert from bad chocolate dessert. Fortunately, the double chocolate mochi did not disappoint. The combination of the rich chocolate flavor and the ooey gooey mochi was a perfect decadent dessert that I'll definitely have again.

Black Sesame

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Olivia Salzman

Not going to lie, when I heard the flavor "black sesame", I was a little hesitant. The black sesame mochi definitely had an interesting taste, but similarly to the matcha green tea, the flavor was not at all overpowering. If anything, the black sesame mochi tasted similar to the double chocolate flavor with a bit of a kick. I'd highly recommend for anyone who wants a ~spunky~ mochi.

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Olivia Salzman

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with Whole Foods' new mochi bar and will definitely be back. The ice cream flavors and the actual mochi itself were both delicious and make for the perfect sweet, summer dessert.