Let's face it... winter is over and it's time to shed the layers and admit the fact that maybe we all ate a little too much chicken parmesan and drank a little too much hot chocolate during our hibernation from the cold. Summer is an amazing season for food, and it's coming up quickly. This means barbecues, fresh fruit and veggies, and things to cool you down from the hot sun. 

Summer is by far the best season for food because it tends to be healthy, fresh, and colorful. These are all things our diet needs after the long, dull winter months. Summer brings foods that can put you in the right mindset to make the most out of your temporary freedom from school for a little bit. Here's a few examples of some of superb food you should be eating this summer.

Literally Anything from the Grill

chicken, meat, barbecue
Ellen Gibbs

Memorial Day is a great kick off as it is usually the first barbecue of the season. The grilled chicken, burgers, corn on the cob, cole slaw-- are you drooling yet? Nothing really compares to the first barbecue of the summer, and it definitely gets you ready for what's to come. 

USA Everything

blueberry, chocolate, cake
Hattie Swank

Summer is the best season to get back to your Patriotic roots. With all-American themed holidays, its hard not to feel proud to be an American, and all the red, white, and blue themed food definitely helps. Not to mention, food tastes a little sweeter knowing its decorated in honor of USA. 

Food on the Beach

pizza, cake, chocolate
Hattie Swank

All of my friends know that our go-to summer night activity is to grab some food and head to our favorite beach. We've learned to ignore the bugs and the sand but still never fail to appreciate the sunset, our beautiful town, and the warm summer months (and bwall pizza)

Summer Breakfasts 

bacon, cheese, scrambled
Hattie Swank

After a long year of scrambled eggs out of a carton and frozen pineapple, breakfasts at home are so appreciated and can happen at any time of day thanks to not having to wake up unnecessarily early for classes. Fresh eggs, fruit, and coffee (especially if made by Mom) are the perfect way to start your day, whether it be 9 am or 1 pm.

Wine & Apps

wine, sushi, salmon
Hattie Swank

Most of the meals during summer happen outside, and the best addition to a good summer meal is a glass of cold white wine and yummy appetizers. My personal favorite being sushi, nothing beats sitting outside with your friends and family and enjoying the weather that was so desperately craved a few months before. 

Ice Cream

ice, cream, chocolate, ice cream
Hattie Swank

Even though you can get ice cream all-year-round, opening day of Dairy Queen really signifies summer starting. Ice cream in the summer can be eaten for any meal; breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is always the perfect time for a refreshing swirl with chocolate sprinkles. 

Fruits and Veggies from the Farm Stand

bilberry, pasture, strawberry, sweet, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, berry
Heather Feibleman

There is a huge difference between the fruit you get at the grocery store and the fruit that was just freshly picked, and summer is the only time to get it. So take full advantage and bite into those juicy strawberries from the farm down the street, your summer bod AND taste buds will thank you. 

Now that you're sufficiently itching for summer, get ready for a season of some of the best food the year has to offer. In just a few short weeks, the long days will be filled with food you'll wish for all year long.