As college students, many of us try to let loose on a Friday night and toss back a few drinks. . . .but does anyone actually like the taste of vodka? That’s a hard no. One thing we do like the taste of, however, is ice cream, and that’s why Tipsy Scoop is just about the greatest place ever.  They serve ice cream that gets you drunk with its many boozy flavors. Yes, you read that right; it's alcoholic ice cream, combining your favorite liquor and beer with desserts! 

First Impressions 

I knew Tipsy Scoop would be my new favorite place just from the atmosphere; I walked in seeing a big sign that says “Barlour” featuring a soda fountain themed sign with all their boozy flavors. Tipsy Scoop flavors range from raspberry limoncello sorbet (my personal favorite) to maple bacon bourbon, and also include seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice.

The Boozy Flavors 

Siyin Li

I tried Tipsy Scoop's classic flight of 4 different flavors. Let me just say, I took so many pictures because I was obsessed with the sprinkled shot glasses. The flavors included both creamy and sorbet-like textures and they were all amazing. From left to right, the flavors are mint chocolate chip, mango sorbet, spiked hazelnut coffee, and raspberry limoncello sorbet. I don’t even like mint and yet I still found myself devouring the spiked mint chocolate chip. I was especially impressed at how the creamier flavors hid the liquor flavors so well, only getting a light taste in every few bites. The flights were so adorable and definitely hit the spot for a sweet craving

But I didn’t stop there, because I caught sight of their specialty sundaes and needed to indulge.

Siyin Li

Behold the Oktoberfest pretzels and beer ice cream sandwich. This was literally a pretzel bun stuffed with beer-infused ice cream and pretzels covered in chocolate sauce. It was about time someone invented this! This was the perfect combination of sweet and salty, and who could resist the classic combination of beer and pretzels? Although I'm not a fan of beer, I enjoyed the ice cream because the booze is blended into the ice cream so nicely that it still tastes creamy and delicious.

Siyin Li

Next up was the brunch sundae; this one was served in a cinnamon bun cup! It featured all the great aspects of brunch: booze, bacon, and cinnamon rolls. The caramel drizzle on top complimented the bacon and ice cream so perfectly that I forgot I was getting buzzed off of this dessert. I definitely recommend this one to all fellow brunch lovers because it will make you feel like it's a Sunday afternoon when it's actually only Tuesday.

You would think that I had enough, but I couldn’t leave without trying their pumpkin spice flavor. Let me start by saying I only recently jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon and am still kind of picky about it. I don’t like when things are overly pumpkin-y and I think this ice cream did an awesome job of representing what pumpkin spice should be — lightly spiced flavor that felt like you were eating ice cream, but not tasting like a bite of pumpkin puree.

Last but not least, the raspberry limoncello sorbet was so good, I needed another scoop to go.  

Siyin Li

If I haven’t sold you on checking out Tipsy Scoop (the name alone should be convincing), they also have great happy hour deals! On weekdays from 4-6 pm the flight of 4 flavors is only $8, and the portions are great for the price. I definitely recommend stopping by for a few scoops after school or work during the week.

Spoon Tip: Notice how I said "after" and not "before" like I did (and sat through my last few classes tipsy), but hey, I never said it wasn’t worth it!