Time Out Market Boston popped up in the revitalized Fenway neighborhood this summer and it's already cemented itself as a must-go destination in the area. 

A mix of favorite local restaurants housed within the renovated 401 Park Drive (which, along with the Kenmore CITGO sign and Fenway park, is on the National Register of Historic Places!), Time Out Market Boston gives people the opportunity to taste the city in small manageable bites. 

Lauren Richards

Although some options in Time Out Market Boston are a little pricey for a college student, there are still plenty of budget friendly options available.

Here's a list of the best budget-friendly finds in Time Out Market Boston:

Best Breakfast

Lauren Richards

Start your day on a sweet note with a donut from Union Square Donuts, with prices ranging from $3-$4.25. These brioche dough donuts come in a variety of flavors from bourbon-infused seas salt caramel to maple-bacon so you're bound to find one that hits the spot. Union Square Donuts also offer vegan options  so no one will be left out on this deal. 

It wouldn't be breakfast without coffee and a George Howell coffee is the perfect accompaniment to your cost friendly donut. George Howell coffee is a little pricier than your regular cup of Dunkin' (at $3.25), but their sustainable practices and single farm sourcing are certainly worth the extra few dollars.  

Best Lunch

Lauren Richards

For the most options for the best bang for your buck at lunch I would recommend going to anoush'ella, which is serving up some great Eastern Mediterranean dishes with an Armenian-Lebanese flair all for under $20 (with many being under $15.)  

anoush'ella has some stellar wrap options for under $15, with their vegetarian Chickpea Fritter Falafel Wrap costing $13.50. For meat lovers the slow-roasted Chicken Za'atar Wrap for $14.50 gives you something a bit more creative than your typical lunch. 

If your looking for a light lunch anoush'ella's individual mezze for $4.50 is perfect for you, with a mix of dips and spreads giving you a deliciously budget-friendly meal. 

Best Dinner

Lauren Richards

I prefer to eat a mainly vegan diet, so for dinner I usually gravitate towards places like Revolution Health Kitchen for one of their hearty and cost-friendly dinner options. All of their offerings are under $15 and are packed with flavor while also being 100% vegan, seasonal, local, and small batch made. 

I'd recommend the $10.75 large soup option for a budget friendly yet filling vegan dinner. Their huge salads are also a steal at $12.95 and are packed with filling and nutritious mix-ins like forbidden black rice, sunflower seeds, and seasoned quinoa. 

For those who like breakfast for dinner, Revolution Health Kitchen also offers a sweet potato mash bowl that comes with toppings ranging from gluten free granola to flax seed that I've been eyeing since first coming to the market. 

Best Dessert

Lauren Richards

Gelato is a personal favorite for me (although I'm lactose intolerant) so the $4.50 small cup servings at Gelato & Chill call to me every time I go to Time Out Market Boston. With flavors like Ricotta with Fig and Vanilla Butter Cream, it's hard to ignore this siren's call. 

Thankfully for me, Gelato & Chill also offers sorbetto (a dairy free option) with flavors as creative as their milk and cream based offerings. With flavors like Pineapple with Rosemary and Satsuma Mandarin Orange, I don't have to feel guilty when I do give into this sweet deal. 

Best Date Night 

Sherry Zheng

Get some major Lady and the Tramp vibes by getting some classic Italian at Michael Schlow's Italian Kitchen. The priciest thing on this menu is $17, and with options like Fresh Mozzarella with Broccoli Rabe Pesto and Grilled Bread and Rigatoni with Spicy Fennel Sausage Ragu, this is a can't miss spot in the market. 

An antipasti and two mains could set you back around $40, which isn't too bad for a nice meal out made by a well respected Boston chef. 

Best "Fancy on a Budget" 

Lauren Richards

Bisq's boards are a sure fire way to add a little class in your life without blowing your budget for the week. With a choice between charcuterie or cheese boards (ranging from $15-$30), this would be a perfect option if you've been wanting to bring your Wednesday wine nights out of the world of Franzia and into the world of capricola and camembert without breaking the bank. 

Though over $15, these boards are meant to be shared so rope in some friends and you'll be munching on manchego for cheap. 

If you want something sweet to go with your charcuterie, Fastachi—a Watertown-based shop that sells nuts and other gourmet snacks—is right around the corner from Bisq and would be a perfect accompaniment to your classy on a budget spread.