From basketball games to just hanging out on campus, there is lots to do when visiting Syracuse University. If you're touring, you want to not only experience the campus and the academics, but also the food. And after touring, you're probably going to be hungry. So here are the best places to eat when you have 24 hours in Syracuse. Go 'CUSE. 

Breakfast: Modern Malt 

Founded in 2014, Modern Malt puts a twist on your favorite dishes. With favorites like fruity pebble crusted french toast and pineapple upside down pancakes this restaurant has something for everyone. Definitely come here for brunch. 

Lunch: Pastabilities Armory Square

garlic, pasta
Hannah Freiberg

Located in Armory Square, this restaurants offers cafeteria style dining during lunch, so you can try a variety of dishes.  A visit is not complete without their famous spicy hot tomato oil. It's also great at dinner time, when you can order off their regular menu. 

Dinner: Varsity Pizza

sauce, pizza
Hannah Freiberg

This classic Syracuse spot is a must visit, especially before or after a basketball game. The line is out the door before the game so make sure you have enough time. It's always filled with tons of students, and the pizza is really good too. 

Dessert: Insomnia Cookies

A favorite treat on many college campuses, Insomnia never disappoints. They're open to 3 am to satisfy you at any hour. From cookwiches, to brownies, to just a classic chocolate chip cookie they have it all. 

Although there are many more places to eat at in Syracuse, if you only have 24 hours these are the places you should visit. From pizza to waffles there are tons of options in the Syracuse area. Good food is a plus at a college campus!