Hey Upper Eastsiders, we’ve got a list of Gossip Girl-featured restaurants for you. Ever wonder how you could be like Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, and Dan Humphrey? You could start by eating like them. 

1. Blair may have voiced her distaste for the smell of pork and cheese, but if you’re like Dan, you'll trade croque monsieurs for cubans from Cafe Habana and run-ins with Serena in the East Village any day (Season 1 Episode 4).

2. Vanessa brought Dan some apologetic perogies from Veselka after their fight at the masquerade ball. Nothing says, "I'm sorry for judging you for dating Serena" like fried dough filled with cheese (Season 1 Episode 6). Serena's crazy cousin, Charlie, also spotted Dan here after attempting to spy on him and Blair (Season 4 Episode 19).

3. Remember when Serena was spotted drunk coming out of Barrio Chino on Thanksgiving with Blair and almost got hit by a taxi? Thankfully Lonely Boy sacrificed his pumpkin pie from Erin McKenna's Bakery to save her (Season 1 Episode 9).

4. The name of this restaurant may change with the seasons, but so did the mystery girl, Elle, that Chuck and Carter Baizen were spotted fighting over at Park Avenue Winter (Season 2 Episode 18).

5. Even though The Russian Tea Room was where Georgina was supposed to get Poppy arrested for scamming half of the Upper East Side for money for her and Serena's boyfriend Gabriel, Lily stopped the scheme and had Serena arrested just after Chuck admitted to Serena that he loved Blair (Season 2 Episode 23).

6. If you’re looking for the place to go after you ditch your date to the Sotheby’s auction like Dan did to Georgina, Rufus recommends Morandi’s for its fried artichokes and lemon spaghetti. (Season 3 Episode 3)

7. This hotel is both home to Chuck's Empire and Ed's Chowder House. The Palace may have served grilled cheese with truffle oil, but it didn't have these lobster rolls now did it, Bart?

8. After deferring a year from Brown University and striking out at every job interview, Serena treated herself to lunch at Hundred Acres and was able to share her knowledge of restaurants' backdoor exits with Endless Knights star Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff). Telling Olivia how to avoid the paparazzi landed S a job in publicity (Season 3 Episode 4).

9. Serena’s stalker Juliet Sharp was spotted reading The House of Mirth at Norma’s when Nate's Little Black Book date, Tiffany, disturbed Juliet's morning read. "It’s the least I can do to take her to a nice restaurant," Nate said just as his date was spotted kissing another guy at the table behind him. Sorry N, guess you'll have to enjoy those $29 pancakes alone (Season 4, Episode 1).

10. Take it from Serena's Columbia professor Colin Forrester, the King Cole Bar is the only spot in Manhattan that serves a Red Snapper. After refusing to go out with the man who stole her cab every morning, S caved and met him here for this infamous cocktail, trading apples up for vodka and Worcestershire sauce (Season 4 Episode 5). 

11. After Blair and Chuck decided to stop being friends with benefits, Blair ate pistachio macarons from Laduree in her bathtub. Looks like fasting from Chuck meant feasting on French pastries (Season 4 Episode 8).

Gossip Girl may have stopped airing in 2012, but you're lying if you say you never watch an occasional re-run on Netflix. And honestly, anywhere Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Penn Badgley, or Chace Crawford went is still relevant in my book.


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