As someone who is always indecisive when it comes to buying food, I spend way too much time on Yelp reading reviews and scanning the menu a hundred times. With the Spoon University at Berkeley's bake sale coming up, here are some suggestions on what to get, so you can eat without the stress of decisions.

Lemon Bars

sweet, pastry, candy, cake, cookie, bread, chocolate
Isabella Martin

These lemon bars are the perfect dessert to celebrate the lovely spring weather. The tanginess from the lemons cuts through the sweetness perfectly, and the gooey center with the flaky crust is like magic in your mouth. Get these if you can’t wait to spring into the sun with some delicious spring flavors.

Chocolate Caramel Bacon Toffee

cream, toffee, cake, pastry, sweet, candy, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

If you love that sugar-salt combo, you will want to get in line early to snag this at the Cal Spoon bake sale. Packed full of flavor from the chocolate, caramel, and bacon, this crunchy toffee is sure to satisfy your hunger for a snack. You might even become addicted to it.

Oreo Cake Bites

candy, sweet, chocolate
Anna Hirschorn

Nothing beats the familiar and comforting flavor of Oreos, and these chocolate covered cake bites will go above and beyond to satisfy any cravings. They are perfect to grab on the way to class for an afternoon pick-me-up. Make sure to get a bunch because they’ll disappear into your stomach fast. 

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

candy, oatmeal cookie, goody, pastry, cake, cookie, chocolate, sweet
Jocelyn Hsu

The classic chocolate chip cookie that now everybody, including vegans, can enjoy? I’m impressed and you will be too once you try these cookies. You would never guess these cookies don’t contain egg because they have the perfect taste and texture of your favorite chocolate chip cookies. Bonus if you end up loving these and making them yourself, because you can also eat the cookie dough.  

Pecan Squares

caramel, chocolate
Clara Park

If you want to treat yourself with something indulgent, pecan squares are the way to go. The crunchy pecans covered in the chewy, gooey goodness of caramel pairs beautifully with the rich and buttery shortbread crust. Once you take one bite, your taste buds will be sent to heaven and you’ll be sitting there wondering if you should go buy some more (the answer is yes). 

All of these delicious baked goods are from our very own Spoon recipes so if you love them, check out the recipes linked here to make them yourself. They are all delicious in their own way and are sure to be a treat no matter what you decide to buy. And if you still can’t seem to pick something you want, just drop everything and get some of everything. You won’t regret it!