I'm a nutrition major, self-claimed Boston explorer, and a major foodie. Life doesn't get better than when I find somewhere to eat that caters to all three of these things. It's usually a give-and-take situation, meaning I have to compromise and settle for a little less adventure, a little less nutrition, or a lack of pics that are #Instaworthy.

Not only did I try Dig Inn, but I got a chance to sit down the with their Student Ambassador (who happens to be one of my go-to study buddies in the nutrition program and also good friend). She gave me a lot of insight as to what Dig Inn's mission is, and how it's meant to build a stronger sense of community through health and friendship.

We chatted over a delicious breakfast, and I got the scoop on Dig Inn's philosophies and goals within each community it's embedded into as a company. Not only is the food incredible, but reflecting on all of it, there's so much to learn from Dig Inn.

Supporting Others Within the Community

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Dig Inn supports local farmers by serving seasonal food and preparing meals from scratch. Their practices have serious integrity. One of the dig-isms the restaurants believe in is to "build a neighborhood around your kitchen". By sourcing ingredients from farms nearby and sharing them with their guests, each elements of the community is touched and is benefited from the experience.

It's a lesson to learn and carry beyond just the restaurant to support one another and find common ground that can make a difference for everyone involved. 

Share Experiences and Form Relationships With One Another

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The concept of a shared table is a simple concept yet can make a huge difference in the vibes of a restaurant and the impact it can have on a community. Something as simple as sharing a table with others can lead to a lasting connection.

Most of us wouldn't sit down next to someone we don't know at a restaurant, but with a table suited to fit a dozen guests, it feels more acceptable and almost expected of us. Sometimes, that table setting is just the push toward a sense of community that we need. Chances are that others at the table you have things in common with, meaning supporting Dig Inn isn't the only community you share. 

Be kind to others and to yourself. 

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A shared table experience also teaches lesson of kindness and openness. Even if it starts with a friendly smile at the guest sitting across from you, it's important and encouraged by Dig Inn to tend to the people around you. By talking to someone new, you might make someone's day, or at least make them smile. 

Being mindful of our actions and kind to ourselves is also important. The food that is served at Dig Inn not only is aesthetically pleasing and served in trendy bowls. That food is mostly vegetables but everything they serve is nourishing. Eating foods that combine making us happy and support our health is something we all owe to ourselves. 

The Takeaway

If you're in New York or Boston, make sure to find your way to a Dig Inn near you. Be sure to try the Harvest Bowl and an Iced Matcha for breakfast, and bring a friend or engage with the person sitting across from you at that huge dining table.

Beyond eating, take the inspiration from a restaurant that is building community and applying high values to your everyday. Sometimes we all need a reminder just how important it is to foster the elements of community everyday. 

Check out Dig Inn on Boylston St. Every M-F until 10 AM through October 21 for free coffee with no purchase necessary, (yes, you can just walk in a get a free coffee!)