If you're from New Jersey, you know Rutgers University. And if you know Rutgers University, you know Grease Trucks. But most importantly, you know the fat sub.

Starting in the 80s, food trucks started popping up along College Avenue clustering near Voorhees Mall to be by the high concentration of classroom buildings on campus. The trucks would serve greasy, fried foods on a sub roll in all different combinations, earning the name "fat sandwiches".

RU Hungry?

More specifically, in 1979 RU Hungry? gave birth to the Fat Cat, the original "Fat Sandwich", and since then has added more than 30 sandwiches all with different combinations. It also recently was given a shop with the "College Avenue Redevelopment" project. Which was the construction of new dorm buildings, and restaurants on college ave, the heart of Rutgers University. But one thing is for sure - it's still kicking out fat subs all day and night.


With the opening of other shops making their own versions of the fat sub, many towns became fortunate enough to get one of the variations in the backyard.

In 2011, Montclair was lucky to have CARS open a store right on Valley Road and started delivering its version of the fat sub to those in the area. Those who call Montclair State University their home have definitely come across a CARS and are fortunate enough to be able to get one of their many creations delivered right to their dorm.

So now the question is: who does the fat sub better, the OG RU Hungry? or CARS?


Sometimes this is the most important factor in whether or not to buy food. RU Hungry?'s fat subs cost about 6 to 7 dollars, one size only. It offers some sides for 2 to 4 dollars with the exception of wings. And if you're thirsty, a can of soda is only $1.

CARS sandwiches come in two different sizes the smaller of the two being $8 and the larger being $12. Its sides are 4 to 7 dollars. Wings, burgers, and its signature eats are all about $8. Its 5 different types of fries can range from $2 to $8 with the addition of bacon and cheese. Its drinks are around $4 for milkshakes and $2 for a soda.

When it comes to price points, RU Hungry? is a better price for a broke college student, although it may not offer as much as CARS.

Menu Size

Pricing isn't the only thing that matters when choosing food. Sometimes it is all about the food your getting. Sometimes its about whether or not you have the options to choose what your stomach needs.

RU Hungry?'s menu offers 38 different fat subs in all different combinations, 6 vegetarian. Along with its fat subs, you can make salad or sub sandwich with typical deli meats and fixings. Or, you might want a hot sandwich like chicken parmesan. It also offers 5 veggie wraps and a couple different salads. And if you like breakfast food, it even offers some specials for that too.

CARS's menu has 18 different fat subs, only 2 being vegetarian. For a cleaner option, it offers several healthier sandwiches. Its signature items include Build Your Own Mac 'n Cheese, Ultimate Grilled Cheese, Pulled Pork Sandwich, The Bigger Mac, and the Classic Philly. There are 5 different burgers, wings that come in 3 sizes with the choice of 9 sauces, 8 unique fried sides, and 5 different types of fries. Its milkshake menu contains 15 different flavors as well as a way to customize your own milkshake. And to top it off, you they have 2 different desserts options.

Personally I enjoy having several more options for vegetarian fat sandwiches from RU Hungry?, but I also can't pass up a milkshake and a side of waffle fries with cheese from CARS.


Something I really took into consideration when ordering both subs was what the differences were between the two when it came to ingredients and how they tasted in their different combinations.

At RU Hungry? I ordered the Veggie Brian. This was a veggie burger, french fries, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and mayo. I switched the ketchup for hot sauce because I love the kick. The veggie burger was very filling and a great addition to the fat sub. The fries were super crispy and the L.T.O added some extra refreshing flavors to the sandwich. I didn't really taste the mozzarella sticks and unfortunately, I only actually noticed two in there.

At CARS I ordered the Fat Solomon. This fat sub contains mac 'n cheese bites, french fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and ranch dressing. I switched the ranch for the buffalo-ranch for a similar kick to the hot sauce, but didn't get as much of a kick for this sandwich. The mac 'n cheese bites were my favorite addition because they added the cheesiness element to the fat sub along with the mozzarella sticks which showed up this time. The fries were not as crispy as the Veggie Brian's, and the onion rings weren't as powerful as I wanted them to be. This sandwich was also heavier on the bread and carbs, making it a lot dryer.

I definitely think both sandwiches were scrumptious and met all my cravings. Even with their unique differences both RU Hungry? and CARS have a place in my heart (literally, 'cause now I probably have blocked arteries).

To those at Rutgers, take a trip up North to come try Montclair State's own fat sub shop CARS. And to those here at Montclair State with me, go grab a fat sub from the OG RU Hungry?. I think each of these fat sub homes can meet the expectations of a hungry, and maybe less than sober, college student looking for something to eat at 2 a.m. So why not give them both a try?