Rutgers University is a classic school in the Big Ten with a massive population and lots to do. With several different campuses (College Ave, Livingston, Busch and Cook/Douglass), students have a selection of places to find their vibe for studying, partying and just hanging out.

Maria Serghiou

Calling all homebodies, party animals and post up library enthusiasts; whether you're planning on a cozy night in or going out on the town (catch ya on College Ave), there's tons of places to eat for every college lifestyle. Here are 10 different food locations in New Brunswick that RU Scarlet Knights miss the most when they're away from the rut.

1. RU Hungry?  

The moment when all of your possible favorite finger foods in the universe come together on one bun. This bad boy is a savior on your nights out of frat and bar hopping. A fat sandwich will seem too good to be true, even at 2 am.

2. PJ's Grill & Pizza

There's a ton of pizza places at Rutgers, but PJs is like no other (their ricotta slices are to die for). Your drunk and late night self will thank you, and so will your RU express (*swipe*).

3. Game Day Nuggets

There's nothing better than game days at the rut. After hitting a dage or two and entering the stadium, ordering nuggets and fries or pizza with your homies is prime. And its only for a quick swipe. The wait? Totally worth it.

4. Stuff Yer Face 

Whether you're craving stromboli, potachos or massive fish bowl drinks; if Adam Richman made the trip to this place in 2009 for his hit show Man vs. Food, you know it has to be good. Definitely a must try.

5. Fritz's

Spinach and artichoke grilled cheese? Yup, it exists and its totally real. Nothing like a cute n cozy place that serves insane grilled cheeses, soups and mac n cheeses of your dreams.

6. Henry's Diner


This cute spot on Livi makes you feel right at home. Fresh hot coffee, omelets, French toast, pancakes, bacon and more; there's truly nothing better than diner food to ease the real hangover of you and your squad.

7. Honeygrow

The Yard is amazing and so are the new locations open to Rutgers students. Honeygrow has delicious stir fry, fried rice and even healthy fruit bowls with toppings and cream (yes please).

8. Surf Taco

The Yard at it again with another awesome location that'll give you the summer vibes you long for during the stressful school year. Tacos, nachos, burritos, taquitos, quesadillas, chips and queso and more have always got your back for the good days (never bad days) at the rut.

9. Dining Halls 

Although you might not want to admit it, you definitely miss the dining halls. Classic Brower and the Livi dining hall burger station make you feel some typa way. Even though you get sick of college food, these places are an important part of your college experience (you love it).

10. RU Grill & Pizza

To top it off, there really, truly, isn't anything better than that late night slice. No better way to end your college nights out. Your body and soul will thank you as you bite into your lil slice and smile knowing another night of adventures and happy memories have been made.

There's no place like Rutgers and nothing like being a Scarlet Knight. Are you a little emotional? Same. Let's get pizza.