Indian food is known for its spice levels. Beyond the heat, there is a variety of subtle flavors in this cuisine including sweet and tangy that can sometimes be overlooked. If you want to venture out and try new foods, then keep reading. Below are the best dishes Honest Indian Restaurant in Decatur has to offer.

#1: Bahubali Grilled Sandwich

Stephanie Yormack

The Bahubali is a layered triple-decker sandwich with melted cheese on top. Each layer unravels a new flavor and texture. First, the heat from the chutney (spicy green sauce) and red chili sauce will coat your mouth until the sweet flavor from the jam takes over. 

In terms of texture, the sandwich goes from gooey and cheesy to crunchy all in one bite. The potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers come together with the cheese to create a delicious blend of flavors in your mouth.

If the idea of spice scares you, don't worry. This sandwich comes with a small kick but is sweet for the most part. I have never tasted anything so complex and interesting in flavor in my life, so if you are looking to branch out from your typical Indian food order, this one is for you.

#2: Pani Puri

This dish is the exception to the rule you shouldn't play with your food.

Stephanie Yormack

I'm not sure what's more fun about this dish: the construction or the consumption. Pani puri is prepared as a plate with round, hollowed dough balls called puri, a green spicy sauce, red sweet sauce, and a side of onions, cilantro, potato, and sprouts.

In order to properly enjoy this dish, the tops of the puri balls are broken, creating a small hole at the top. Then, you stuff the puri with all your favorite sides and sauces, typically with more of the spicy sauce than sweet sauce.

Once the balls are filled to the top with sides and spices, you pop the puri into your mouth. The crispy puri adds crunch to the tangy, sour, spicy, and sweet ball of goodness that just explodes in your mouth. Pani puri definitely has some spice level to it, but it is perfectly balanced by the other flavors.

#3: Pav Bhaji

Stephanie Yormack

Although this dish might not look the most appetizing, it was by far my favorite. I'm definitely someone who loves spicy food and has a decent spice tolerance, but after a few bites of the Pav bhaji, my eyes were watering.

Pav bhaji is a thick vegetable curry that is usually served with bread (pav) or spiced bread (masala pav) to dip or scoop for maximum flavor. In my opinion, it's a definite must-order, especially if you love spicy food.

#4: Sambar

Sambar is an Indian stew made with vegetables and spices. It is served with steamed rice bread (idli) to absorb all the flavor. Sambar is very healthy for you because it's rich in antioxidants, and fiber and is even known to improve digestion. Sambar is more flavorful than spicy, so if spicy foods aren't your thing, Sambar is the perfect dish.

#5: Saffron and Pistachio Lassi

Stephanie Yormack

The best way to describe lassi would be to compare it to a milkshake: sweet, thick, and milky. Although the nearest comparison would be a milkshake, the flavors are so unique that a milkshake doesn't do it justice. Lassi is the perfect way to cut the heat from the other dishes or drink on its own.

#6: Gulab Jamun

This dessert is essentially dough balls doused in syrup and sugar. The sweet melt-in-your-mouth dough dissolves on your tongue, leaving your hand with a sticky souvenir. Gulab jamun can be enjoyed cold or warm but is known to have a better flavor when served warm. As the national dessert of India, it's a must-try.

#7: Paan

We finished the meal with a mouth refresher (paan) that has a unique and acquired taste. Paan is an after-dinner treat wrapped in betel leaf into a triangular shape.

After biting through the leaf, a fragrant taste of mint, eucalyptus, and perfume will coat your mouth and remain there for around thirty minutes. People either love or hate this flavor combination, but it's a fun and exciting experience that I recommend ending the night on.

Honest Indian Food has a great atmosphere and even better food. I hope you take my recommendations into consideration and bring your appetite. And maybe some water, too!