At this point, it is quite obvious how much college students love Trader Joe's to satisfy all food-related needs. Luckily, our cult-favorite supermarket has a whole slew of seasonal products that are only available once a year. So stock up now because these items won't be available for long. Here's the top nine holiday Trader Joe's items you need in your life ASAP.

1. Jingle Jangle

This holiday blend can't get any more festive—composed of milk chocolate-covered pretzels with a white chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate-covered caramel corn, dark chocolate-covered Joe-Joe's, milk chocolate gems with a red candy coating, and a mix of milk and dark chocolate mini peanut butter cups. When you open up the tin can, you are met with the familiar sound of jingle bells, fitting for the holiday season.

#SpoonTip: Also check out the seasonal Jingle Jangle ice cream that incorporates the classic jingle jangle candy mix.

2. Hold the Cone! Mini Peppermint Ice Cream Cones

Identical in shape and size to the chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin ginger flavors, these peppermint-flavored ones are nonetheless unique. The crispy sugar cone is made of chocolate and filled with rich and creamy peppermint ice cream. To top it all off, the ice cream is capped with a sweet chocolate coating.

3. Cinnamon Roll Wreath

Trader Joe's has transformed your favorite cinnamon roll treat into a picturesque wreath perfect for the winter season. This pre-made item is a great addition to any holiday party, made up of nine flaky and buttery rolls just waiting to be pulled apart. Also, if you're on a time crunch, this is a great item to easily bake without leaving a mess in the kitchen.

4. Mini Gingerbread Men

Caution! These mini gingerbread men are seriously addictive. Crispy, crunchy, sweet, and spicy—the cookies boast all the winter spice flavors you love from the holiday season. And since they are so small, one is definitely not enough. The creamy white fudge coating complements the gingerbread spice well, making you go back in for more again and again (and again). Open a box at your own risk.

5. Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

Yasmine McCroden

These cookies may be small, but they sure are jam-packed with the bold flavors of deep dark chocolate and cool mint. Inside the smooth dark chocolate coating you'll find chocolate shortbread cookies infused with fresh mint. The Christmas spirit comes to life with the star-shaped form of the cookie, along with the tiny white pearls on the outside that provide bright pops of crunch in contrast to the dark chocolate exterior. Once again, Trader Joe's has succeeded in creating a delectable treat that cannot possibly be fully satisfied with just one piece.

6. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's are far superior to their original counterpart, with real candy cane pieces in every bite. TJ's has been selling these chocolate sandwich cookies every holiday season since 2006, so if you haven't already hopped on the bandwagon, where have you been? Whether eaten whole or crushed on top of cold ice cream, you will not be let down.

#SpoonTip: For those of you who are gluten-free, there is a gluten-free option, too!

7. Peppermint Pretzel Slims

Trader Joe's Peppermint Pretzel Slims will change the way you look at pretzels forever. If you're a fan of peppermint bark, you are going to love these little cracker-like snacks. A balance between sweet, salty, crunchy, and cool is achieved in every bite. Their signature pretzel slim serves as the base, which is then drenched in white chocolate and showered with crushed peppermint.

#SpoonTip: Break these peppermint pretzel slims atop ice cream to add texture and decadent chocolate mint flavor. 

8. Egg Nog & Almond Nog

Yasmine McCroden

Love it or hate it, Eggnog is a classic holiday drink. Trader Joe's offers both a creamy original version and a light version that contains 90 percent less fat and 40 percent fewer calories. 

For those of you who avoid dairy but would still like to take part in the holiday tradition, Trader Joe's has introduced Almond Nog for the first time this year. Almonds provide a nutty flavor and a rich creaminess that forms the base of this non-dairy beverage. Vegan, egg-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and corn syrup-free—vegans and non-vegans alike can indulge guilt-free in this holiday spice drink for only $2.99 for a 32 oz carton.

9. Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage

Yasmine McCroden

Love almond milk? How about chocolate almond milk? Well, if you answered yes to the two previous questions, you will probably like the Trader Joe's Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage even more. Blended with California almonds, Dutch process cocoa, and a splash of peppermint, this drink is super smooth and creamy.

Peppermint is a hard flavor to balance—too much can cause for a medicinal aftertaste, and too little may lead to an underwhelming or non-existent presence. TJ's, however, has triumphed in attaining that perfect tasty peppermint note in this drink without crossing the line of too overbearing. Start your day with this drink over ice or end the day with it warmed up, and you are all set to have a very merry and bright holiday season. 

When it comes to the holidays, Trader Joe's clearly does not disappoint in the seasonal product category. Their specialty holiday product selection is unrivaled to any other grocery store.

Head over to your local TJ's and get your hands on these sweet winter treats. I know it may seem difficult to share the things that we love, especially the sweet holiday Trader Joe's items, but you will be doing a great service to those around you by letting them in on all that the popular store has to offer during this time of year—consider it a Christmas deed.