You can learn many things in college, depending on where you are, what your major is, and what your interests are. However, what you most likely will learn from this cycle of studies won't be probably just Computer Science, Shakespeare poems, or Economics - you will get to know how life is, through your friends, professors, and personal identity. If you live or study on campus, especially at Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY), you might find yourself surrounded by lots of people going back and forth to classes, making the student center packed, or chatting in any other place between the library and the class buildings. 

Although the company of people and making friends is a beautiful and beneficial thing to do, sometimes students feel the need to be isolated or concentrated more than ever. Solo time is essential. Since I've been there and from time to time I need this sort of peace, here there are some of the places I find good enough to study, cry or eat alone at Hofstra University.

The Axinn Library - Floors 3-8

Giulia Baldini

As a library should be, those floors in the Axinn Library are very quiet and they can be the perfect spots where to study and mind your own business. Some of the floors are provided with water fountains and others with closed rooms made for study groups. The ninth floor is part of the Hofstra Museum, where artistic, political or historical exhibitions are shown throughout the academic year. The tenth floor is the biggest and most spacious area at the top of the building, where students can also enjoy the view of the entire campus and its surroundings, including some urban hints of New York City.

The Axinn Library - Basement

Giulia Baldini

A little more noisy and packed with students, the area downstairs the library is a nice place for study groups or social gatherings. Likewise the second floor, the space contains computers, in addition to magazines, printers, water fountains, and a lounge area close to the elevator. Here there are also the main restrooms of the entire building.

The Pride Den

Giulia Baldini

The Pride Den is situated downstairs the student center area. It is an area mostly populated by members of Greek Life, but everyone can study or meet their friends down there. In this place there are many couches and tables, both close to the walls and in the center of the whole space. This is one of the best places to study or being alone in the early morning or at late nights because in the middle of the day it gets full of students and study groups.

The New Business School

Giulia Baldini

The Frank G. Zarb School of Business has recently built a new place for its students and professors. The place is very aesthetically pleasing, quiet, and accessible to all students, even those who are not majoring business or any other related subject. The lighting in this space is surprisingly good.

The Netherlands Cafe'

Usually occupied by first-year students, The Netherlands complex at Hofstra University has its own cafeteria and a spacious court with tables and chairs, where students are free to consume their meals, have club meetings, or just hang out by themselves. It is a great place to be alone if you would like to concentrate on your stuff, without worrying about food proximity in case you would get hungry. There are also a restroom and a private area that is often open to the public, especially in the mornings or in the early afternoon.

Remember that you're in college.It is okay to want to be alone from time to time. It is fine to cry. It is legit to enjoy some food alone. And it's recommended to study alone too, with less distractions and more concetration.

At the end of the day, you should do whatever makes you feel good, simply for your own good. I got this, so do you!