Situated in a small unassuming store front lies Donut Crazy in Westport, CT: a shop known for it's crazy flavor combinations and Instagram worthy eats.

To say that the flavors are crazy is no exaggeration. From Cookie Monster donuts to Cannoli or Cookie dough, they will drive you into a sugar overdrive (in only the best ways possible). 

Here's just a few of their customer favorites guaranteed to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. 

Dough Boy

The Dough Boy is an old fashioned donut filled to the brim with edible cookie dough, dipped in chocolate, topped with more cookie dough and dusted in powdered sugar. This sugary  concoction is reminiscent of childhood memories of sneaking spoonfuls of cookie dough; only this time, it's completely allowed. 

Cookie Monster

This glazed donut is topped with blue frosting for Cookie Monster and loaded with chopped up chocolate chip cookies for visitors to sink their teeth into. This "monstrosity" of a donut combines the crunchiness of cookies with the softness of the donut to create a perfect combination.  

Strawberry Shortcake

You can never go wrong with a classic combination and this donut hits close to home for most people. The combination of strawberries dripping in sugar with the sweetness of whipped cream tie together to make a combination that's hard to not love. 

Avocado Toast

The food doesn't end with just donuts, they have decadent avocado toast that's loaded with arugula, tomatoes and feta drizzled in a balsamic glaze. The health conscious of visitors can go crazy as well with this toast at Donut Crazy. 

Donut Crazy in Westport, CT is worth the hype. Their loaded flavor combinations leave visitors content and wanting to come back after each visit. They have food for everyone from fresh brewed coffee to avocado toast and of course donuts. Go crazy and try it all before they're all gone.