Are you tired of being told you can't lick the spoon after slaving over a batch of chocolate chip cookies? Are you so over watching your vegan friends experience hardcore FOMO while you down a batch of artisanal, small batch cookie dough? Girl, me too. Now, our favorite brand of whimsical, edible cookie dough, Cookie DŌ, has the perfect solution: a limited edition collaboration with the mecca of all things vegan and delicious, by CHLOE. 

The collaboration, a line of entirely vegan cookie doughs inspired by some of By Chloe's most addictive, vibrant, and Instagrammable desserts, encapsulates the best of each of brand. However, these doughs are only throughout the month of May at select By Chloe locations or DŌ's Greenwich Village brick and mortar locale. 


In case your social media detox has excluded you from any and all cookie dough news, DŌ is the playful dessert brand masterminded by baking aficionado and gluten free connoisseur Kristan Tomlan. Founded after a girls' weekend spent chatting over bowls of their guiltiest pleasure — unbaked cookie dough — this brand removes the middleman. Yup, DŌ's products are made sans eggs with heat-treated flour, meaning there's nothing stopping you from licking the spoon, bowl, or tub. 

About by CHLOE.

By Chloe is the restaurant equivalent of a lovechild between Whole Food's produce aisle and intense comfort food cravings. Their combination of wholesome, locally sourced ingredients, commitment to approachable veganism, and updated takes on classic favorites makes for a unique fast casual dining experience. Whether opting for sweet potato mac'n'cheese, a quinoa guacamole burger, or a decadent espresso cookie, you'll leave each By Chloe location feeling a little bit healthier and a whole lot fuller. 

The Flavors

Beatrice Forman

Each vegan cookie dough is inspired By CHLOE's signature desserts: the old fashioned chocolate chip cookie, the over-sized cinnamon espresso cookie, and the New Yorker approved matcha chocolate babka. Still, the flavors retain the essence of Cookie DŌ's signature flavors. They're dense, yet light and sweet with a slightly nutty finish, thanks in part to their vegan ingredients. This, coupled with their inviting packaging, make them the perfect graduation or #TreatYourself gift. 

Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip

Beatrice Forman

I get it: we're all secretly chocolate chip cookie snobs. Whether soft and chewy or hard and crunchy tickles your sweet tooth, the vegan chocolate chip will hit the spot. Dense and peppered with dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chip, its flavor profile is surprisingly complex. Sweet with a slightly nutty finish, its the ideal vanilla ice cream topping or late night snack.  

Chocolate Matcha Babka

Beatrice Forman

The most adventurous of the trio, the chocolate matcha babka flavor updates everyone's favorite Hanukkah and Rosh Hashannah pastry. Swirled and topped with a chocolate ganache, this flavor is a spoonful of luxury. The matcha adds a refreshing hint to a dessert associated with decadence, making it the perfect dessert for your millenial Hannukah celebration. 

Cinnamon Espresso Cookie

Beatrice Forman

By far my favorite of the tree, the cinnamon espresso (pictured top) brings the best of coffee and cookies. The cinnamon mutes the espresso just enough that it welcomes coffee haters like myself to take a second spoonful, but is potent enough to recall the taste of your go-to Starbucks order. 

How to Get in on the Action

Beatrice Forman

Dying for a taste of these Cookie DŌs? Take the nearest plane, train or automobile to a northeast By Chloe location throughout May 2018. Or, for a more hands on approach, head to DŌ's Greenwich Village location on May 15 for their vegan baking class. The class walks you through the no-bake process step-by-step, taking you from the dry ingredients all the way to the finished product. You'll leave with the know how to create any of the collaboration's flavors at home, and plenty of cookie dough. Vegan or diligently omnivorous, the Cookie DŌ and By Chloe collab will satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth cravings.