If you ever find yourself in Freeport, Maine, the Lobster Cooker Grill is a must-go. Situated in the lovely downtown, across the street from the O.G. L.L. Bean store, the Lobster Cooker Grill is about as authentic as you can get. Here's why this seafood joint is the real deal.

Friendly Atmosphere

Walk into the Lobster Cooker and you will be greeted by a friendly host behind the counter of the lobster pound as well as a tank full of fresh-off-the-boat lobsters. Not only can you buy live, fresh lobster, but you can can choose between ordering your food at the counter and seating yourself or having a more restaurant-style experience at the grill upstairs. During the summer months, you can sit outside and enjoy seafood and drinks with family and friends.

Sports Bar with Over-the-Top Eats

The upstairs grill is a loft complete with a bar, friendly service and TV's lining the wall, giving the it a lively sports bar feel. It provides the perfect atmosphere for watching the game or catching up with friends. The menu offers everything from full belly clams, steamed lobster, clam chowder, lobster rolls and fried calamari. Not a seafood lover? No problem! The menu also boasts a portobello mushroom sandwich, a bacon and cheddar avocado burger and much more. 

The Lobster, Of Course!

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Grace McMeekin

My personal favorite: the lobster roll with butter. If you're looking for a real-deal Maine lobster roll, look no further than the Lobster Cooker Grill. Served on a buttery, toasted roll, this entree is overflowing with savory lobster and fresh greens. It comes with your choice of butter or mayo, your choice of french fries or salad, cole slaw and a lemon. Hungry yet? 

Whether you're visiting Freeport for a day trip or vacationing in Maine for the whole summer, the Lobster Cooker Grill is worth the trip. Friendly service, fresh food and a lively atmosphere make the Lobster Cooker Grill the real-deal.