The leaves are changing and pumpkin spice is making its way into every product. The once muggy warm air is turning into brisk and dewy mornings. Fall is finally here.

This may very well be the most underrated season, but it is certainly my favorite for many reasons. The heat is not sweltering, the landscapes are breath-taking, and all the trees in New England begin to glow, especially in Maine. It's where you need to be this fall.

1. Apple Picking

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Walker Foehl

There are few things that beat picking delicious and crisp apples in the gorgeous fall weather with friends. This activity is the perfect group outing for everyone to enjoy. You can also take out those fall clothes you've been dying to wear. 

2. Fairs on Fairs on Fairs

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Walker Foehl

Maine is known for having some of the best fairs at this time of year, for example the Common Ground Fair that took place last weekend.

Local vendors scattered around, top-notch food trucks at every turn, live music and cute animals. At an autumn fair in Maine you will definitely find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

#SpoonTip: Take advantage of free samples! You won't even need to buy a lunch. 

3. Leaf Peeping

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Walker Foehl

Thousands flock to Maine in the fall to experience the amazing foliage. The once green trees become like sunsets on the horizon. For a cheap fall decoration, try making leaf collages by flattening leaves between the pages of books and then painting each with a glaze for a shiny finish.  

4. Maple Madness

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Lydia Belden

Maine maple syrup is a must-try food on the east coast, and the maple products in Maine do not end with syrup. Maine is full of local markets and corner stores that sell maple candy and other maple inspired products.

Try out Portland, ME's Holy Donut shop for especially delicious Maine maple donuts.   

5. Sweater Weather

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Walker Foehl

Everyone loves a good romper, but breaking out that Barbour and fall boots is the best feeling. No longer are you constantly feeling sticky and sweating through t-shirts. Pants and your latest bomber jacket are the perfect combo.

6. Pumpkin Spice Everything

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Walker Foehl

Pumpkin spice lattes aren't the only pumpkin-y items you should be enjoying this fall. Maine is home to dozens of locally run farms that sell pumpkins galore at great prices.

#SpoonTip: Try roasted pumpkin for a savory option or add a dollop of pumpkin puree to your cinnamon oatmeal bow.

7. Arboretum Walks

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Walker Foehl

Walking is a great fall activity. The temperature is perfect for a light jacket and a warm drink. Grab a friend and explore the gorgeous trails Maine has to offer. Day hikes are beautiful during this time of year too.

8. Fall Vegetables

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Walker Foehl

Brussels sprouts and root vegetables are back. Mix it up with the seasonal ad festive pumping too. Try roasting pumpkin seeds, baking chocolate chip pumpkin bread or even olive oil roasted pumpkin.

9. Coastal Explorations

Walker Foehl

Maine's coastline is one of the most beautiful features of the U.S.(I'm not biased or anything). Taking trips in the fall to the gorgeous lighthouses scattered along the coast is a great way to be active and avoid summer tourists.  

10. Fall-ing in Love with Soup

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Walker Foehl

Don't think bland and boring when it comes to soups. Soups can be the most flavorful parts of meals. Oftentimes (when made without dairy) they are the healthiest parts as well. Try this spicy roasted pumpkin soup for a tasty, new, fall favorite.