As an avid thrifter who's discovered the joy of shopping second-hand since coming to college, I pride myself in not having purchased any article of clothing from a retail store in the past year, and having mostly bought clothes from second-hand stores for a the past few years.

Austin’s thrift stores are a fun way to explore the culture and people of the city and an easy way to embrace its wacky and unusual personality. Additionally, thrifting saves you money and conserves the environment’s resources that would otherwise go toward manufacturing clothing or disposing unwanted clothes. Ranked from my least to most favorite, here are my top ten thrift stores in Austin that are well worth a visit. 

10. Goodwill Blue Hangar

Joanna Chyu

Goodwill Blue Hangar is a longer drive from the center of the city, but it's worth the morning trip if you want to snag tons of clothes for less. Purchases are measured in pounds, with prices resting around $1.50 per pound, meaning that one article of clothing may only amount to a few cents!

The only downside to this system (and why this is number ten on my list) is that the potential of finding something you like is much lower than at the average thrift store, where clothes are curated. Clothes from Austin-area Goodwills also pass through Blue Hanger to be redistributed to other locations, so don't be surprised if you see a shirt you swore you saw at another Goodwill in Austin.

9. i luv vintage

Joanna Chyu

This relatively new vintage store in Austin is located on Guadalupe Street, near the University of Texas campus, making it a fun spot to browse around after class. I personally love the eclectic decor and arrangement of home goods, accessories, and clothes when I visited, but wasn't willing to shell out $25 or up on vintage pieces. Though prices are higher, i luv vintage is worth the visit if you're in the mood for inspiration or a change of scenery. 

8. Assistance League of Austin

Founded in 1973, the Assistance League of Austin is one of 120 national chapters of the greater Assistance League organization, which provides philanthropy, service, and nonprofit work in local communities. One of the great things about this store is its large-scale mural painted by city residents that features Austin scenes and school kids. Though the clothes here don't usually suit my taste (they're geared more toward older generations), its homey atmosphere and large selection of home decor always make it a fun trip. 

7. St. Vincent de Paul

Another charity-run store, St. Vincent de Paul is located on the famed South Congress Avenue of Austin that's frequented by both tourists and locals alike. It's one of the smaller thrift stores on this list, but it's fairly reasonably priced (around $10- $20 per item).

This is a particularly nostalgic location for me, as it was one of the first thrift stores I visited in Austin that helped revolutionize the way I shop and the purchasing decisions I make. Additionally, it made such a big impact on me because I remember taking the bus here alone freshman year after finals and feeling like a big-city adventurer taking on the world.

6. Treasure City Thrift

Treasure City Thrift is a local gem in its own respect, but what really gets people talking are its 25 cent sales scattered on Saturdays throughout the year. And yes, it is as good as it sounds — each and every article of clothing in the store bins are 25 cents on those days! More importantly, Treasure City Thrift is an active advocate in the Austin community, partnering with organizations such as Educators for Change and the Yellow Bike Project for ongoing events and projects.

The store also has a more indie, alternative vibe compared to other thrift stores, and makes the most out of its smaller store space, compelling many Austin regulars to come back and visit.

5. Top Drawer Thrift

Another local gem, Top Drawer Thrift sits on Burnet Road (about a 15-minute bus ride from the university campus), which I've discovered is filled with blocks of thrift stores after thrift stores that won't disappoint (see #2 on my list). Top Drawer Thrift's interior is even more eye-catching than the landmark decorative dresser on its exterior, and its changing rooms are individually themed with colorful prints, vintage textiles and poufs.

My favorite thing about Top Drawer is that it evokes a feel for a past era that you've never lived in, simply through its collection of clothes, shoes, home goods, and vintage knick knacks. 

4. Thrift Town

Thrift Town is another thrift store I visited my freshman year that was well worth the trip. Its prices and ambience are comparable to those of Savers, with prices on the lower end (my favorite kind of thrift store, honestly), lots of space, and well-organized clothing. If you're looking for a thrift store with a wide selection that also has more of a local feel than Goodwill or Savers, then Thrift Town is your one-stop shop. 

3. Texas Thrift

Texas Thrift is one of my favorites because not only is it cheap, it's clothing is higher quality than other second-hand stores, and it has enough local flair to make me feel like I'm getting to know the city. Look for colored tags that indicate discounts on different days of the week — there's also a discount for college students with a student ID. I've purchased a floral embroidered top, a baby blue Reebok windbreaker, and a white business-casual blouse from Texas Thrift, all of which I've been wearing ever since.

2. Savers on Burnet

I know Savers is a national second-hand store chain, and it seems like a shame that the top two on my list aren't local Austin favorites, but Savers on Burnet is so affordable and accessible for a busy college student — all while offering a huge selection of unique clothes that cater to almost every style. It's clean, massive, and always affordable. I still fondly remember buying an embroidered red scarf freshman year for my Frida Kahlo costume, and the like-new books I purchased recently for my Secret Santa gift. Whatever you're looking for, this Savers will probably have it.

1. Goodwill North Lamar

This Goodwill tops my list for many reasons: a) it's large with a diverse selection of clothes and goods, b) it has the highest quality and (in my opinion) most stylish clothes for the best price (think thick-knit sweaters, actually cute dresses, tons of shorts, jeans, outerwear, and shoes), c) its workers are always friendly, and d) it's right next door to Half Priced Books, so you can always pop in for an afternoon of reading when you're finished shopping. I can't count how many times I've been to this Goodwill, either alone or with friends, but I can say I've purchased countless goods such as mom jeans, rustic mugs, wine glasses, and novels for myself or for friends.

Whether you're new to thrifting or have been looking for a new shop to visit, check out any one of these locations to save some cash, conserve the environment, and score some great finds