Happy + Hale has been a Duke favorite ever since it opened its doors in Durham last April. Whether you're looking for a fresh brunch spot or a trendy place to do homework or just want to feel healthy, Happy + Hale is the place to be. With a third location opening soon in Greenville, SC, the eatery is growing quickly, including their fresh, locally-sourced menu. We tried four of their newest additions and loved every bite.

1. Dragon Bowl

yogurt, granola, sweet, muesli
Maggie Finney

This vegan bowl is served only at the Durham location. Its base is an organic dragon fruit blend, topped with granola, kiwi, mango, mint, and coconut flakes. The rare dragon fruit preserve that gives it its bright pink color is also found in their Pink Drink smoothie, created in collaboration with Duke’s Artstigators. While I personally prefer their açaí bowl, this is a fresh alternative that is definitely worth a try.

2. Ahi Poké Bowl

pepper, avocado, oil, watermelon, tomato, salad
Maggie Finney

If you are a poké lover, this is the dish for you. A layer of sticky rice is topped with raw ahi tuna chunks, avocado, sliced scallion, tuxedo sesame, ginger wasabi, and citrus ponzu dressings. The tuna is fresh and pairs perfectly with the dressing. If you have low spice tolerance like me, don’t get scared away by the ginger wasabi–it only adds a little bit of a kick.

3. Thai Chicken Crunch

vegetable, pasta
Maggie Finney

Oddly enough, I've never ordered a salad from Happy + Hale because there are so many other great options, but I definitely plan to order this at my next visit. The Thai Chicken Crunch salad includes kale, cabbage, pickled carrots, cucumbers, cashews, Thai chili chicken, tuxedo sesame, sliced scallion, and wonton crunch, featuring a revamped Thai sesame vinaigrette. The chicken is especially good because it's dark thigh meat instead of the usual white meat. It's very tender and holds onto its seasoning well.

#SpoonTip: Add avocado to your salad–it will compliment the crunchy kale perfectly.

4. Banana Toast

chocolate, banana
Maggie Finney

This isn’t just your ordinary peanut butter and banana toast; they’ve taken it to the next level. This dish comes with multigrain toast topped with almond butter, sliced bananas, chia seeds, cacao nibs, strawberry, and honey. Good news is it’s a permanent addition to the menu so you can order this delicious treat all year round.

The only thing that could make Happy + Hale even better for Duke Students? If they would deliver on food points. Click here to sign the petition.