Luna's Living Kitchen

The main philosophy behind Luna's restaurant is spreading joy and love through, what else, food. I mean who doesn't want love with their food right? The owner, Juliana Luna, grew up cooking with her mother who's a nutritionist. She says, "food is a way to bring people together, to invite them into your home..." And that's exactly what she's done.

Luna's offers organic and 100% plant-based meals for vegans and gluten-free customers alike. The menu is full of breakfast power bowls, burritos, sushi, and Vietnamese pho and Mediterranean for the adventurous foodies. There's also a juice bar and various desserts.

A tried and true GF customer recommends the Lunasagna, which is their version of lasagna made with zucchini noodles and vegan, cashew-basil cheese. Check out one of their locations in Charlotte or Raleigh, and soon to be Chapel Hill. 

Grabba Green

Grabba Green's goal is to get you your food fast, without sacrificing health. Their menu is completely gluten-free and nothing behind the scenes comes precooked or frozen beforehand. All of the magic happens right in front of the customer.

Grabba Green's chicken is free-range and none of their meats contain hormones or preservatives. All their ingredients are also locally sourced, using a farm-to-table philosophy. Their menu ranges from a variety of grains, greens, juices and smoothies, Acai bowls, and kid friendly options too.

A frequent customer's favorite is the Moroccan Mac & Cheese, filled with chicken, cheddar jack and feta, quinoa noodles, and a spicy harissa sauce. With locations all over the United States, we're lucky enough to have a Grabba Green in Cary and in Raleigh. 

Happy and Hale

Happy and Hale believes their purpose is to give their customers and employees the key steps to a healthier, and therefore happier, life. They hope their "freshly made juice" and "hearty protein bowls" will lead their customers to do some extra good for their community and the planet. 

Their menu offers warm winter seasonal dishes such as the Buddha Bowl, signature salads and bowls filled with proteins and greens, breakfast scrambles and toasts, and smoothies and cold-pressed juices. A gluten-free foodie suggests taking advantage of the "make your own bowl" so you can add veggies and quinoa to your heart's content.


Sassool is a family-owned Mediterranean restaurant that uses recipes passed down from their grandmother while they were accommodating and adapting to life in the United States. Their fundamental theme is hospitality, inviting one and all to try their food.

Sassool considers their food an art, serving "heaven on a plate and...create an inviting atmosphere." Their menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options that are enjoyed my all who frequent the restaurant.

Gluten-free options range from Baba Ganhouj, falafel, and grape leaves, to jalapeno cilantro hummus and ratatouille. A crowd pleaser is the Baba Ganhouj, which is made with roasted eggplant with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, spices, and olive oil, blended into a creamy dip.

Fiction Kitchen

The Fiction Kitchen wanted to make a 100% vegetarian restaurant, and succeeded in starting a "local food revolution." The creators grew tired of searching for inspiring, new vegetarian dishes in the Raleigh area, so they challenged themselves to come up with their own.

Fiction Kitchen's menu includes many gluten-free options from dinner to brunch, such as Fuday Quiche, N.C. Peanut Noodle Bowl, and Nori Rolls with Sashimi Tofu. They also offer Tinga Tacos, which are two gluten-free tortillas with options of mock chicken, bulgogi seitan, or seasonal vegetables. They're then filled with fresh veggies like cabbage, cilantro, and radishes.

A recommendation from my waitress was the Curry Bowl, house made yellow curry, coconut milk, and seasonal veggies with a spiciness level from 1-5, upon request. (I required a 1). I can attest that they certainly fulfilled their goal of delivering a "fun, satisfying, and affordable vegetarian meal."