Between Chocolate Shoppe, Coldstone, and Daily Scoop, no one would say Madison needed another place to stop at for dessert. But, in the middle in October that is just what we got, and people are going crazy over it.

Glaze Teriyaki on State Street has just added a Cereal Ice Cream bar to their restaurant, and you should be running to try Madison's most hype new dessert spot.

Mixing it up

Charlotte Kriftcher

Naturally, people believe this addition might be a little random. What is a cereal ice cream bar doing in a teriyaki restaurant? Despite the confusion, no one seems to be complaining. Glaze has expanded its palette, so maybe we all should too. Who says fruity soft serve isn't a nice compliment to teriyaki steak?

How does it work?

While vanilla is the only ice cream flavor, your options are far from limited. There is a set menu with a handful of preset combinations of cereals blended in and toppings (I highly recommend the Mifflin).

You can also choose to make your own ice cream creation. You choose one base (from an endless list of your favorite cereals) and two toppings ranging from crushed Twix to Graham crackers or sprinkles. Every concoction has its' own flavor and flare, and you will never run out of different mixes and matches to try. In a flavored cone or a cup, it is the perfect option for a late afternoon snack.

A comparative study 

As a Chocolate Shoppe regular, it was hard for me to accept that a solid competitor just hit State Street. I was a little skeptical at first, but once I created my own hybrid of deliciousness, I was hooked.

The do-it-yourself aspect has undoubted appeal, reminding us why we got so hooked on frozen yogurt back in middle school.

You can completely personalize your dessert, depending on what cereals and toppings you're in the mood for. This conveniently located new hot spot is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth or fulfill your peanut butter craving.

The Cereal & Ice Cream trend

The trendy dessert hybrid is not a new phenomenon; ice cream (a dessert favorite in and of itself) has been pair with almost everything else already: cookies, cake, pie.

It is no surprise that cereal, another fan favorite, has found its'

way into the dessert world. Ice cream shops such as Kith in New York and Florida, started mixing the two, and Ben and Jerry's just released a line of cereal ice creams. Now the trend is in Madison and is doing better than expected.

Despite the obvious perks of mixing your favorite cereals with delicious soft serve and topping it off with the yummiest ingredients, Glaze's new ice cream bar has many added benefits. For starters, this could be one of the most exciting and trendiest dessert places in Madison. 

You'll never get bored because the opportunities are endless; have dinner at Glaze and treat yourself to one of their countless cereal options. And finally, and most importantly, you no longer need to feel guilty eating ice cream for breakfast.