After a long, hard day at class or the office, we all can't wait to crawl up and cuddle with our two favorite men, Ben and Jerry. There's nothing quite like one little scoop of your favorite ice cream. Whether it be a classic flavor such as Half Baked or a nice chocolate treat such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie the taste is always to die for. Ben and Jerry's has already given us so many memorable flavors, but they're not quite done yet.

Dairy Free Miracle 

Until recently there were still consumers who were not able to enjoy the taste of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We "dared them to go dairyless," and they delivered. As of today Ben and Jerry's now has seven dairy free flavors including Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, and P.B. & Cookies. These new flavors are made with Almond Milk in order to be costumer friendly. On top of this, these flavors are also vegan friendly. The company has recently partnered with Vegan Action to ensure that these new flavors do not include animal products of any kind. 

Cereal Flashback

New cereal inspired flavors have also been introduced and are referred to as a Cereal Flashback. Flavors such as Frozen Flakes, Cocoa Loco, and Fruit Loot are here to make you nostalgic for your younger days where Sunday mornings were filled your cartoons, pajamas, and a sugar filled cereal. Who wouldn't want to sit down with a nice bowl of ice cream that will bring your taste buds back to the simple days of your childhood. 

So grab a spoon and a pint of your favorite flavor while you sit back and relax with your favorite movie. Maybe even hop in your car and head on out to Westbury, Vermont to the Ben and Jerry's Factory where you can see how it is all made. 

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