Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches is a Providence classic that has been shelling out student deals years... Hello, Two-For-One-Tuesdays! However, as of last December, their flagship location on Benefit St. closed (RIP o.g. Geoff's.)

But we have no time to mourn because as the saying goes, "When one flagship store closes, a new and improved location opens just a few blocks away!" Okay, maybe that's not exactly how the saying goes, but in this case it's the truth.

The New Geoff's

Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches' new location at 401 South Main Street (yep, right next to my beloved Dave's Coffee) is up and running. It's bigger and promises to be better than ever. And best of all, the new Geoff's has partnered up with Brown University's Bear Bargains program to bring students discounts all week long. All that students and community members need to do is show their Brown I.D. at the register and they'll receive 15% off their order. Unable to pass up a deal or a good sandwich, I took to Main St. to see if the new Geoff's can live up to the hype. Here's what I found... 

Emerson Tenney

The Spot 

I'll be real honest, the space is big and there are plenty of tables at which you can sit and enjoy your sandwich, and other than that there's not too much to say. You're here for the food, not the ambience and that's fine because there's a gigantic free pickle bin in the middle of the room (yes, I said free) and they are crunchy and briny and you can go back for seconds, thirds, and eighths without anyone judging you. 

The Food

Could there be anything more exciting than the free pickle bin? Maybe not. But the actual sandwiches are pretty noteworthy. Here's what I ordered...

The Tuna Berry

Emerson Tenney

One of Geoff's hot options, the Tuna Berry is comprised of tuna, "Shedd's sauce," and fresh cranberry compote smothered in melted Swiss cheese and served on toasted wheat bread. Although I still have no idea who Shedd is or what is in his sauce, I can tell you that the Tuna Berry is absolutely delicious. Not as cheesy as a traditional tuna melt, this sandwich mixes indulgence and health. The tuna is fresh-caught albacore and the cranberry sauce gives the sandwich a lightness I don't typically associate with cheese and tuna anythings. The Swiss comes in a thin layer that adds a subtly ooey-gooey vibe to the otherwise fresh dish, and I'm very happy about it. My one complaint is that the bread is slightly lackluster. With all that's happening on the inside, this sandwich seems like it's just begging for some chewy ciabatta. 

The Barbara Morse

Emerson Tenney

Composed of hummus, spinach, cucumbers, tomato, onion, and vinegar rolled up in a wrap, the Barbara Morse is one of Geoff's vegan options. And here's the sad truth... if you've decided to be a vegan you are a beautiful human being stronger than I, but you've also given up quite a bit. This wrap is indicative of what you've lost. It's unquestionably healthy and the vinegar adds a nice tang to the creamy hummus, but at the end of the day you're eating crudités in a cape. Do with that what you will. 

The Frigid Bitch

Emerson Tenney

For a sandwich named after someone notorious for not putting out, this Frigid Bitch is surprising satisfying. Cold turkey, fresh spinach, cucumbers, tiger sauce, and sprouts are schmeared with chive cream cheese and presented on a fluffy bun and no one is leaving with blue balls. The chives in the cream cheese and the fresh spinach are especially nice touches that keep this otherwise filling sandwich feeling light. 

PB & J

Emerson Tenney

Some people make fun of those who order a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from a restaurant. Some people say, "Why would I pay $3.99 for something I could make myself at home?" Those people aren't wrong; they're just not enjoying the full array of delights that life has to offer. This sandwich may very well have been my favorite of all. Now maybe I'm just nostalgic, but something about the creamy peanut butter and homemade cranberry sauce that's subbed for classic jelly brought me back to the days when my biggest responsibility was choosing between the monkey bars and the swing set. Not to mention, the cranberry brings an unexpected tartness to this flavor party. They've also put this one extra slice of bread in the middle of the sandwich and it's nothing short of genius. Instead of your whole PB&J sopping together and oozing all over the table as soon as you bite into it, this new and improved PB sandwich holds its form while the extra slice of wheat creates a kind of cushion for the peanut-cranberry delight that's even more satisfying than my memories of what Mom used to make. 

The Takeaway

Perhaps their PB&J sandwich is a perfect metaphor for the entirety of the new Geoff's Superlative Sandwiches. It still delivers the classics you grew up knowing and loving, but it's brought a new twist, a new space, and a little bit more fun to the overall dining experience. 

This new Geoff's location is well on its way to becoming a staple in the weekly dining routine of Brown University students and community members alike. I will certainly be back soon. 

In the meantime, happy eating–and don't go too hard on the free pickle bin... your order is coming and it's gonna be great!

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