Right before the end of the weekend, as you are about to go into hibernation at the library, it is time for the most important meal of the week: Sunday morning brunch. Like all Emory students, you must decide between the two go-to brunch places that come to mind: Rise-n-Dine and General Muir. Here is the ultimate guide to brunching at Emory, depending on your craving.

When craving a bagel

Alison Plourde

While I’ll be honest and admit that Atlanta does not have that many options in terms of where you can get a good bagel, General Muir is the closest you’ll get. Their bagel and lox combination topped with cream cheese, cucumbers, and avocado will almost make you forget how much you miss your hometown Jewish deli on Sunday mornings.

Winner: General Muir

When craving eggs:

Alison Plourde

If you are craving eggs, this brunch decision is a no-brainer. Rise-n-Dine’s menu offers a long list of ingredients that you can put in your eggs/omelet. The sides that the eggs come with should not be forgotten about. I recommend ordering the grilled potatoes, and if you’re feeling extra Southern: the sweet potato pancakes.

Winner: Rise-n-Dine

When coffee is the deciding decision:

Blair Baker

If you are anything like me, coffee is the most important part of a good Sunday brunch. I will say that both places, General Muir and Rise-n-Dine, are both good options for coffee drinkers. If you are going for just a simple coffee, I think that Rise-n-Dine has a slight edge over General Muir. Also, Rise-n-Dine has bottomless iced coffee, which is a huge plus. If you are planning on ordering a latte, however, I think General Muir is the way to go.

Winner: Depends on what you're craving. 

When you are on a time crunch:

Stella Davis

On a Sunday morning, there is no getting around a wait for a table at either of these places. In terms of which line is longer, it completely depends on the day/time. My advice is to call both places before making your decision. Unfortunately, a long waiting time is the price Emory students have to pay for having two good brunch places close to campus.

Winner: depends on the day/time

Either way, you cannot go wrong with either of these two brunch places. General Muir and Rise-n-Dine will give you the ultimate Sunday morning brunching experience at Emory.