Whoever says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day clearly has never experienced Sunday brunch. Forget lazy Sundays—to quote Gossip Girl, "breakfast is brunch, and it comes with champagne, a dress code, and 100 of our closest friends and enemies."

Well, maybe not 100 of our closest friends, but you get the idea. Brunch is, not to sound like a cliché, the best thing since sliced bread (especially for college students). Sunday is the day reserved for endless hours of studying, so who even has time to take a break for lunch? Well, that's where brunch comes in.

1. You can never be late

Who cares if you roll out of bed at 11 am? Forget waking up early to eat breakfast. Even though brunch can start any time between 10 am and 12 pm, it will always wait for you.

2. It's time-saving

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Suzie Waltzer

Sundays are usually filled with cramming for tests, submitting your papers, and doing a whole reading...all in one day. Well, by sticking with brunch, there is no need to give yourself a lunch break later on.

3. It's an excuse to see your friends

Now you're not going to feel bad being anti-social in the library all afternoon—your session of gossip, complaining, and recapping last night will be the first thing you accomplish (plus, you won't be alone feeling hungover AF).

4. Your options are doubled

salmon, bread, cheese, fish
Suzie Waltzer

Eggs? Pancakes? Avocado toast? Bagels? Breakfast sandwiches? Lunch foods? The options for brunch are unlimited, and are everyone's favorite foods to splurge on. Especially living in a major city like Atlanta or NYC, your options are endless.

5. It's an automatic reason to Insta

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You don't even have to worry about what filter to use—everyone loves when a brunch pic blesses their feed.

Brunch has become more than just a meal: it is a full on experience filled with friends, laughs, and yummy foods. You end up leaving in a good mood, ready for whatever else your day brings you. So, where will you be seen Instagramming from next Sunday?