I recently visited Frutta Bowls for the first time last week with very high expectations for a deliciously fresh and satisfying pitaya bowl. Thankfully, I did not leave Frutta Bowls disappointed.

The Vibe

So, let's start with the atmosphere of this place. When you walk in, you very much do feel the tropical and earthy vibes, almost as if you time-traveled to Hawaii real quick to grab this fruity dessert (we might also get this feel because there are pineapples literally everywhere). Anyways, the next thing I noticed was their menu, and this was quite the expansive menu. There were SO many bowls to chose from and even a build- your- own option. Some of the bases included kale, açaí, oatmeal, and pitaya. Naturally, it took me at least fifteen minutes to figure out which bowl I wanted to ensure I was truly getting the fruits I was craving at the moment. But, I finally decided on the Bermuda Bowl.

The Bowl

The Bermuda Bowl came with lots of fresh mango, blueberries, and strawberries layered with honey, coconut, and granola atop the bright pink pitaya base. It seemed to be the perfect balance of fresh fruit, smoothie, and crunchy granola. It also tasted very fresh, which was honestly surprising as everything was precut and prepped at their work station. As a huge smoothie bowl fan, I can say it was a very delectable experience that I would love to revisit as frequently as my wallet may allow.

The Price

Now, the part that really determines how often you visit this place, the price. My bowl was $11 dollars, which to me is pretty dang pricey for a smoothie with some granola on top. Don't they know college kids are broke? But, when thinking about how much I have paid for smoothie bowls in the past, these prices were pretty comparable.

However, there is in fact a way to make these bowls a little cheaper. The way to save some serious bucks at Frutta Bowls is with the app Hooked. Frutta Bowls almost always has some kind of coupon on the Hooked app. When I visited, they had a 25% off coupon, but they frequently have a buy one get one free deal. This will allow you to get all your smoothie bowl needs without breaking your wallet. 

The Alternatives

If buying smoothie bowls might not be worth it to you, you should definitely look into making them on your own. They are honestly super easy to whip up and make a great lunch or dessert if you are craving something sweet. I almost always have all of the necessary ingredients already in my kitchen and love being able to customize them with all of my favorite fruits and toppings.

So, the real question.

Would I recommend trying Frutta Bowls? Yes, for sure. But, would I also recommend learning how to make your own smoothie bowls (that don’t cost $11 each)? Also yes. After all, we are all ballin' on that college budget anyways. 

Check out this link for some easy and delicious smoothie bowl recipes!