Free things! As a college student, nothing really entices me more than the word free. It’s a great word. You can literally get something by not having to do anything at all. Walking up and down campus all day can be exhausting, especially in the spring and early fall semester when it’s hotter than my last mix tape. Going from class to class builds up an appetite, but if you’re like me and forget to bring food, this article is for you. Every year by the Chi Omega Fountain (in between Marvin and Lindley Hall) there are a line of pear trees that grow and are free for the picking.

Free Fruit

Photo by @nutritiousmumma on Instagram

These trees typically ripen in mid to late March, but being in Kansas the weather’s as reliable as a blind seeing eye dog. They could show up as late as May.

I first noticed these beauties when I first took a tour of campus one summer and they were tons of pears that had fallen from them, and all of them looked delicious. Side note: if you’ve ever been on campus and have seen a Saint Bernard playing in the fountain, then that’s my roommate’s dog, and he loves bobbing for pears. My roommate tosses em’ in there and he just goes and “rescues” the little guys. Not only can you enjoy these great opportunities, but your pets can too.

Free Fruit

Photo by Rebecca Buchanan

Now that you have all these fresh pears, you should try out this awesome drink. Fresh pear sangria sounds like my perfect summer. Check out the related posts as well for more fantastic Spoon-approved recipes.