If you're from Central Ohio, you might have heard of Fox In The Snow Cafe. With two existing locations in Italian Village and German Village, they've already reached a great deal of Columbus coffee enthusiasts. Thankfully, this rustic-style coffee shop and bakery just opened a third location in New Albany that is sure to provide your much needed daily coffee intake.

Amelia Hitchens

The History

Amelia Hitchens

Fox In The Snow isn't your typical, cookie-cutter coffee shop. They actually got their start in October of 2014 when the founders, Jeff Excell and Lauren Culley, renovated an old garage in Italian Village and turned it into their ideal cafe and bakery. The married couple moved to Columbus from New York City to start something that they believed Central Ohio was lacking. 

Soon after their October opening, they opened the second location in German Village in January of 2015. According to an article from This Week Community News, expansion had always been a goal for Excell and Culley, and this third location in New Albany fell right into place. 

Menu Items

Amelia Hitchens

When I first visited Fox In The Snow's Italian Village location, I was expecting to order my typical iced latte or some other Instagram worthy drink (do it for the gram, am I right). Instead, I decided to branch out and get a cappuccino ($3.75) because it was recommended by the barista. Man, oh man was I happy for that recommendation. It beat every cappuccino I had tasted before, and was topped off with some very impressive coffee art.

Other drinks on the menu include espresso, lattes, mochas, hot chocolate, chai, tea, iced tea, iced coffee, orange juice, and sparkling water. You can also order drip coffee which is just a different method of brewing coffee where you pour hot water over ground coffee beans.   

As for food, they offer a seriously delicious spread of baked goods galore. Donuts, cinnamon rolls, pies—you name it, and they are all enough to make your mouth water at first sight. Moral of the story, their outstanding drink and food products had me counting down the days for the New Albany grand opening.

The New Albany location

Amelia Hitchens

Finally, Jan. 12, 2019 came, and New Albany was buzzing with gossip of this brand new coffee shop and bakery. As someone who was already loyal to the brand, I made the trip to New Albany as soon as I could.

The overall design and aesthetic is very similar to their other location. Lots of greenery, large windows that provide natural lighting, and their minimalist style menu displayed over the register made me feel right at home. They will even open an outside patio during warmer months. Of course, being a brand new place in town, it was packed. Even though I was at the end of the long line, the employees worked quickly and got me through in about five minutes. I was very impressed. 

Once again, I went with their delicious cappuccino which warmed me right up even in the cold of January. I also ordered the egg sandwich with bacon ($7.50) and it completely changed my outlook on breakfast sandwiches. It's a solid 11/10 from me. 

What are you waiting for?

Amelia Hitchens

But seriously, what ARE you waiting for? Fox In The Snow Cafe is the perfect spot to chill, drink coffee, read a book or get together with friends. Now having three stores, you have zero excuses not to get to a location near you. Thankfully, the New Albany location is closest to my home, so you can definitely count on seeing me here pretty frequently.

Will you be joining me?