You know what really grinds my beans, terrible coffee. Chances are high that you’re currently using a Keurig to make coffee in your dorm. While the Keurig definitely has it’s upsides, the pod filled machine is detrimental to the environment, makes bad coffee, and has a menagerie of other issues (listed here). Stop child, love yourself. Here are 5 ways you can make coffee in your dorm room. So come with me, and let’s bring out your inner coffee snob.

Cold Brew


Photo by Ella Storey

Iced coffee is an art that’s usually reserved for coffee shops. Taking regular brewed coffee and throwing chunks of ice into it leaves a lukewarm, watered down, and bitter drink. Cold Brew is a way to extract the coffee from the beans through time instead of pressure, and it leaves your drink cold, refreshing, and with a natural sweetness. Check out this list of 11 different cold brew recipes.

Pour Over


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This is my personal favorite way to make coffee. Using a cone shaped dripper, you can brew coffee directly into your cup in only 2 minutes. This method provides the most personalization by the brewer. You can control the water temperature, grind, and drip speed easily. There are tons of different ways to make pour over, so choose the one that fits your level and style of brew. Stumptown coffee provides comprehensive guides to brewing, here is the one I follow.

Drip Coffee


Photo by Christina Robinson

By far the most generally popular way to make coffee. Every house I’ve ever been in has had a drip coffee brewer. Drip coffee typically leaves a milder flavored cup that pairs well with sugar and cream. This process creates coffee similar to the k-cup method, without the problems that come with the Keurig.

French Press


Photo by Ryan Terhue

French press coffee creates a fast and easy cup that’s virtually impossible to mess up. Here’s an article detailing exactly why you should ditch your Keurig for the French Press. This method is one of the easiest ways to make a personalized and delicious cup of coffee. Just add grounds and hot water to your press, wait for it to soak, then plunge out the grounds. Plus, you don’t even have to spend money on filters. Easy as one, two, drink.



Photo by Geir Darge

This method is beloved by every self-proclaimed coffee snob. It’s similar to the French Press in directions: place a filter, fill with coffee grounds and water, let it soak, and then force the coffee out with a plunger. An Aeropress can make coffee similar to an espresso, strong and dark. It travels and cleans easily, and is simple to use. This guide can show you the best way to use an Aeropress.

Let’s Get Brewing


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Now that you know the magic of brewing coffee in your room, stop wasting your money on pods and start grinding your own beans. If you want to look into more options for brewing coffee, here is a list of 11 coffee brewing ideas.


Graphic by Spoon University