For those who are unaware (like I was), Epcot has an annual International Flower & Garden Festival every spring. With fun flower displays, and drinking adult challenges, this is something you don't want to miss! Since I only had about a week in Orlando, I wasn't able to enjoy the garden displays as much as I would have liked. Still, a girl needs to eat and I was definitely hungry when I visited! While I wasn't able to relax and enjoy a nice dine-in meal, I managed to take advantage of the affordable, temporary food booths from every country featured in the park. Here are my reviews on the various snack-sized dishes I was able to try! 

Butterfly Tent (not a food booth)

Our adventure begins in the Butterfly Tent where my boyfriend and I were offered complementary apple sauces. Since they were by the brand 'Gogo Squeez', I was so shocked! I routinely spend 3-4 dollars on a pack of 4 applesauce packets, and here the Disney staff was, handing them out left and right. So what did I do? I put on my sunglasses, tied my hair, and went right back to the entrance. But so did my mom, and my boyfriend, and we ended up having too many applesauce packets. 

Yorkshire, County Fish Shop - England: 

The first country I couldn't resist trying was England. One my all-time favorite dishes is Fish & Chips, and I have read through other blog posts that this was a pretty authentic joint. This isn't a dine-in restaurant, as you order in a brisk line and take a number. As my boyfriend and I ordered Fish & Chips, I was wary of the $10.99 price due to the small size of the container. I was surprised to realize that not only did the fish taste deliciously good but that one order was filling enough for both of us! Definitely give this place a try, if the line isn't too long. 

Fleur De Lys-France 

By the time I got in France, I was dying to try a small dish. I decided to wander over the seasonal French food booth, with a wait time of about half a Disney ride. Since I'm not legally able to drink yet, I couldn't try the different colorful beverages that were also offered with the season. (Tip: If you're legal, try the 'La Vie En Rose-Frozen Slush'.) I chose to go for the Canard Confit Aux Gnocchi à la Parisienne, which is a "Braised Duck Confit with Parisian Gnocchi." Although it was a small portion, the flavors were rich and I was not disappointed. It was definitely something different, and the duck was delicious!

Hanami - Japan

For those who know me, I am definitely a sushi-enthusiast. As soon as I saw this 'Frushi' dish offered at the Japan food booth, I knew I had to give it a try. Unfortunately, while this dish was extremely cute to take pictures of, it left me feeling unfulfilled. It was sweet and refreshing, but I'm not much of a dessert person and the three pieces weren't worth the 5.95 that it was.

Nicole Pon

At the end of the day, I returned back to my home feeling full, content, and satisfied. While I didn't think all of the dishes were worth the 6-7 dollars due to portion sizes, it was an amazing variety of flavors. For the most part, the dishes tasted pretty authentic and despite the small size, can subtly give you a food coma when you least expect it. If I could, I would finish my eating adventures around the other half of the 'world' because I got too full by Japan. There's always next year! 

If you are unable to attend this lush festival at the Epcot park, have no fear. There are plenty of other amazing dishes to try in other parks, such as Disney world! If you are heading to the classic Magic Kingdom park, make sure to give this article a read!