Ever since I was little, Disneyworld was a place of infinite possibilities and tangible magic. With families clustered together for firework shows, and constant merriment, that magic has still not yet vanished for me. However, being a broke college student has a few drawbacks such as more budgeting and less stuffed animals. 

When I had the opportunity of visiting this amusement park for Spring Break, I made it a mission to seek out the most delicious and affordable meals throughout the park. Here are five affordable snacks & meals to try in Disneyworld that I would recommend for all ages! 

1. Featured Flatbread - Pinnochio Village Haus

Pinnochio Village Haus was easily one of my favorite food stops throughout the whole park. Because there is a lot of seating space and the ordering process is fast food style, my boyfriend and I didn't wait longer than 10 minutes. Considering the massive lines at the Beauty & The Beast themed restaurant, this is definitely your go-to at an affordable price. 

Since I loved this restaurant's proximity to all the good Fantasyland attractions, I ate here twice and even ordered the same dishes. The first dish I highly recommend is the featured flatbread. It is served in a take-out container sliced into four pieces. Currently, this flatbread is a buffalo chicken and jalapeno contraption. With the generous chicken servings and sauce, this was surprisingly filling and very worth every penny. Ranging from $10.99 to 11.99, this is something you should definitely try. 

2. Breadsticks - Pinnochio Village Haus

Another dish I tried at this restaurant was the breadsticks side. Dressed with olive oil and garlic, the bread melted in my mouth and tasted delicious with the complementary marinara sauce. Each $4.99 order comes with two small breadsticks, but once again I found it to be worth every penny. This is definitely not a meal on its own, but it is definitely something worth trying or sharing. 

3. Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich - Sleepy Hollow

Since my boyfriend ordered this and I wasn't hungry, I only got to taste a couple bites. Nevertheless, I was surprised at how much I liked this 'sandwich'. I usually don't like mixing sweet and salty, but I would make an exception for this unique waffle-chicken duo. Every bite had sweet and spicy flavors mixed in, and it was very flavorful. Since this only costs $10.99, it's definitely worthwhile if you are on the go. 

4. Barbecue Chicken Mac & Cheese - The Friar's Nook

I have to admit that I was surprised by the creaminess of the mac & cheese. I have tried the same dish at other food stops in Disneyworld, and I was not as impressed. In this case, the mac & cheese was rich in flavor and the barbecue chicken complemented it beautifully. For a bowl that costs $10.49, I thought it had a decent serving and didn't break my budget. This was probably one of the heavier meals, so definitely make sure to try this if you're starving! 

5. Specialty/Character Covered Apples - Main Street Confectionary

I don't normally have a sweet tooth, but there is just something delicious about these sugar and chocolate coated apples! With marshmallows as Mickey's ears and a unique theme to each apple, I can guarantee that this is a unique treat for everyone to enjoy. Something fun is you can even get these cute apples sliced so it is easier to enjoy these sweet treats throughout the day! This snack is a bit pricier, averaging to about 11 dollars, but it is very filling and worth the money. 

Now that you have some ideas of where you can eat, I think it is time to start planning your next trip to the happiest place on Earth. So grab your friends, and make your way over to Orlando for a weekend to remember.