We all know that Disney is the happiest place on Earth, and food is the key to happiness. Therefore, anyone who hasn't been there can assume that the food at Disney is amazing, and people who have been there know it is. The only question is, out of all the wonderful food at Disney, which food reigns best? As a Disney expert (I've been more times than I'd like to admit), I've made a list of the best foods at Disney, ranked from extraordinary to downright magical. 

10. Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli at Grand Floridian Café

My family always stays at the Grand Floridian when we visit, and although their breakfast is mouth-watering, the real showstopper is the Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli. Stop by for a dinner you won't forget. 

9. Chicken Parmesan Pasta at Pinocchio Village Haus

This carb-filled dish is perfect for kids and adults alike. There's nothing more beautiful than combining chicken parmesan and pasta. It's the perfect way to take a break from the rides and attractions. 

8. Dole Whip Float at Aloha Isle

Dole Whip is a snack option in Disney's Magic kingdom that people love so much, it has a cult following. With the float, a little extra pineapple juice is added to give the treat an even more tropical feeling. 

7. Crispy Calamari at Mama Melrose's

I usually don't like seafood, but calamari is always an exception. If you're looking for good calamari, or Italian food in general, Mama Melrose's is the place to be. The interior is super homey and you're sure to love anything you order. 

6. Dumplings in Chili Sauce at Nine Dragons

This spicy chili sauce is the perfect accompaniment for any dish (especially because you can choose the level of spiciness). These dumplings will be the perfect start to your meal.

5. Patriot's Platter at Liberty Tree Tavern

This platter is an all-out American dish. It's got turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, herb stuffing, and macaroni and cheese. If you don't leave feeling as stuffed as the herbs, you're doing it wrong. 

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake at 50's Prime Time Café

While this combination may sound a little odd, the milkshake does not disappoint. It's delightfully creamy and the 50's vibe is astounding. They even have little TVs so you can feel like you took a trip back in time (to a time with great milkshakes, too!). 

3. Couscous with Lamb Shank at Restaurant Marrakesh

If you're looking for food and entertainment, this is the best place to go. Live bellydancing and amazing Moroccan food await. It's especially great if you have kids, as they're able to go up and dance with her. It's a great experience for the whole family with some amazing lamb, my all-time favorite meat. Check out some of the bellydancing below. 

2. Chocolate Extinction at T-REX Restaurant

Talk about dessert heaven. If the human race were about to go extinct, this is what I would want my last meal to be. My family had already gorged ourselves on appetizers and dinner, and I was literally in tears trying to finish this delicious dessert despite feeling so full that I was about to burst. Try it, but make sure you have some room in your stomach, because you won't be able to stop.

1. Potato Leek Soup at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Potato Leek Soup may sound simple, but the soup at this restaurant is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. In the middle of this beautiful, fancy looking but affordable restaurant, I literally licked the bowl clean. If you're at Disney, this is the place to be. I swear you won't regret it. It couldn't belong anywhere than at the top of a best foods at Disney list. 

Now that I've relived these magical meals, I'm literally booking a spring break trip to Disney World right now. All of their food may be great, but the best foods at Disney are unbeatable. See you there and let your tastebuds enjoy the ride.