In today's world, food is slowly becoming its own language. Regardless of what we eat, the best part of any sit-down meal is the part when the food comes out- especially when we're hungry. Earlier in the month, I went out with a few professors and former classmates to Numero 28 Pizzeria and GROM Gelato in the village and now I want to honor that meal with an appreciation post.

Numero 28 Pizzeria

If there's a universal truth that everyone can agree on, it would be that we all love pizza. That being said, pizza has its own category and language. There's $1 pizza, New York pizza, everywhere else in the state's pizza, the pizza that's usually on a "two slice and a drink" deal, and then there's Numero 28 pizza.

What makes Numero 28 pizza different from any other form of pizza is that it's sassy, flavorful, Neapolitan, and always fresh. It takes time to bake, but makes up for it with its existence. Once it comes out, it doesn't want to hear any of your problems. With each bite, it wants to solve all of your problems. Its main goal is to get you to eat it and be happy.

One of the best things about this pizza is that it's not oily. When there's excess oil on a pizza, do you want to know what I taste? Oil. Does that sound flattering? No. The flavor of the pizza is super bold but not overbearing. All of the ingredients compliment each other and build one another up to be the best pizza that it's able to be, which is important since it shows that the ingredients know what teamwork is. 

Another key point to note would be that, when ordering the pizza, you can customize how many different types of pizza you want within one, single pie. There'll be no more fussing as to whether or not pineapple makes the cut. You're able to have a third of the pie with pineapple, and the other two thirds with whatever your heart desires. This is great since it prevents fights and feeds everyone, which is the main goal of sitting down to eat.

So please, find the nearest location and solve all of your life problems with beautiful, flavorful pizza.

GROM Gelato

If I've learned anything from eating gelato, it is that it's the best form of ice cream. After leaving pizza heaven, we went to gelato heaven at GROM. If I told you that GROM's gelato wasn't the creamiest gelato that I have consumed in my entire life, I would be a liar. 

Not only is their gelato creamy, but you're able to mix and match which flavors you want in your cone or cup, which is a major win-win for those of you who are indecisive. 

Oh yeah, and besides gelato, GROM makes some bomb ass hot chocolate, which is worth checking out- you might as well have that too.

By the end of the night with the professors and the two other students that showed up, in addition to just eating, I learned a few things: 

#1: You can't go to any ordinary place for gelato.

#2: There's no such thing as too much pizza.

#3: Food is the best way to bond with others. 

So take a lesson from these NYC hotspots and eat your body weight in pizza, find the best gelato and make memories you won't forget.

*The pizza and gelato was provided to me via Pace University's Modern Languages and Cultures Department faculty.