It’s 5:45 pm on a Wednesday and the only food I want for dinner is pizza from Todaro’s Dollar Slice Night. If I make it in time before 6 pm, I waive my chances of having to fight the death for a table, or even yet, a spot in line.

As I make my way to the counter, I order a slice of cheese pizza for $1.00 and a pepperoni for $1.50 (because I can never just choose one) and a PBR for $1.00. In total, I spend only $3.50 and get a full size meal on a paper plate.

Finding a table is an obstacle in itself. You have a few options: saving a table when you get there- risking death stares from everyone- or stare down a table until they leave. Once I sit down, my two slices of pizza are devoured in less than 15 minutes, to the beat of whatever music selection is playing on the cooks’ speakers (which can vary from dubstep to reggae).

To make your slice of New York style pizza taste like more than a dollar, Todaro’s offers complimentary enhancements. From oregano, basil, garlic salt, powdered Parmesan cheese, to red pepper flakes, your pizza slice will never be without taste. And if you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend all five.

todaro's dollar slice

Photo by Anna Freund

Todaro’s Dollar Slice is the best night of the week, and is a favorite to many Clemson students. When I asked a fellow dollar slice lover, Claire Maxted, how long she had been attending this special night, she claimed, “Once I found out about this special, I’ve never missed a week.” I too, vow to never miss a Wednesday night at Todaro’s. I honestly could not survive a Wednesday without it.