A good friend is hard to come by. There are so many individuals who will come and go in our lives but only a few will leave a lasting impact on our development. The idea of friendship has been contemplated and discussed many times before. Making a lifelong friend doesn’t involve a simple answer that can be solved by a solution or with a plan. The best ones take years to form and are often not fully appreciated until years later. Arlo's Fish & Chips is a friend that I have been blessed to meet and make.

Andrew Huitt

Friendship is something that I personally struggle to fully comprehended, it is hard to grasp the influence and importance of this unique collaboration in our lives. I write to my readers in a coffee shop, drinking a plain black coffee, while listening to The Cure #dadmovesonly as I attempt to contemplate my own friendships, relationships, and my own personal bonds that I build with others. Relationships are always evolving, always changing. It's why they are so important to us. The people who we call friends inspire us to be better. They are someone to talk to, to offer structure, support, and share moments of joy and celebration with.

Friendship can be best compared to the fish and chips from Arlo’s at the St. Johns Beer Porch.

I am blessed because I have been given the opportunity to try new foods and write about it every week (sorry it has been a while since the last one). I hope to try foods from all cultures and backgrounds but I just had to return to an old friend for the second article. As I sit contemplating the fish and chips in regards of creating an analogy with it and friendship, I have come up with an answer. Arlo’s will always be there for you, it is truly an experience that cannot be done justice through an article. Just make sure you get the extra tartar sauce and coleslaw with the two piece deal (about $10).

The fish and chips at Arlo’s is an amazing meal that my only qualm about it is that I want more. The fish, fries, and slaw are second to none in my short experience on this earth. Throw a coke or a beer next to it and you can’t go wrong at the St. Johns Beer Porch. The Porch is a wonderful location but Arlo’s has my heart. When you bite into the fish, your eyebrows go up and it’s hard to chew as your mouth drops. The fries taste homemade, hand-chopped, thick, and not too fried. The tartar sauce is not too heavy and has a wonderful aroma in addition to its beautiful pairing with the fish and fries. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday with a headache and walking the mile and a half trip to Arlo’s for something to get you back on your feet. Food may not be the best way to deal with your problems but this fish and chips stand can be the one exception.

Arlo’s will always have a special place in my heart and I cant recommend the food truck enough. Drive, walk, bike, take public transportation; just get to Arlo’s and start a beautiful friendship today. 5/5 Can’t be beat.