Hungover, Tired, Drunk, Sober. There is no wrong way to get some good Korean food at Kim Jong Grillin’.

My personal story is one of absolute degeneracy. I made a fool of myself. I showed up late to all three of my classes and drank four cups of coffee to keep myself awake while skimming over my reading for classes I would eventually skip the next day. I decided, after all that, to escape the bland reoccurring story of food that is the University of Portland Bauccio Commons.

To be completely honest I wouldn’t know how the Common’s food is because I thrive off of a diet of eggs and Top Ramen.

During another stereotypical Portland day of a rain, that would single handedly solve California’s drought, I made my way down to Kim Jong Grillin’. Immediately as I surveyed the food truck and its covered pavilion, I realized how amazing the smell of Bulgogi and spices was even through my migraine.

Sarah Varney

Alright, now I don’t know what authentic Korean food is supposed to taste like but let me tell you that Kim Jong Grillin’ knocked my socks out of my tevas #dadmovesonly. I honestly didn't know what I ordered at first but I was sure impressed. The first bite of the Bulgogi Bibim Box immediately made me forget the rain, my anxiety about being a terrible student, and my hangover at 8 o'clock at night. This may not be a comfort food but this is a meal that makes everything better.

Sometimes, one has to ball out on a budget and the ten Washington’s I threw down by no means broke the bank.

Sarah Varney

The Bulgogi was excellent, very tender with all the fixin’s on the side. I got an egg over easy on top of a good sized portion of rice. Lettuce on the side with bean sprouts and kimchi, enough for two. I like a little sizzle and the protein did not disappoint, I made the wonderful mistake of adding more hot sauce onto this and it definitely cleared up my sinuses from the heat. This is a meal one can share but I’m more of the selfish type so I told myself I would go to the gym to burn it all off (I didn’t go).

Should you go to Kim Jong Grillin’? I would cuss but I unfortunately can’t, so for now I'm just going to say (and you can insert the other form of this word to understand how great this place is) HECK YES