Assuming you'll be taking the B line down to the Garden to watch BC take on BU in the Beanpot, here are some perfect places to grab a bite before you get there. 

Otto's Pizza

You can never go wrong with pizza. It's hard to beat the famous bread and cheese combo, and pizza is ideal for prepping to watch the big game. You can call ahead and pick it up on your way to the game, or even grab a slice if you're in a rush. It's perfect for groups of any size, and if you are rushing to get back on the T this restaurant won't keep you very long. Get off at the St. Paul Street Station stop and it's only a block away until you're no longer hungry and ready to watch BC crush BU in the Beanpot.

Hopewell Bar & Kitchen 

Depending on how hungry you are, Hopewell Bar & Kitchen has enough to appease anyone's appetite. You can simply share some starters on the way to the game, or go all out with a full meal. The apps sound even more delicious than the sandwiches, with garlic knots, artichoke dip, and wings. It's a little more upscale than some casual bar food, but nonetheless you won't leave feeling hungry. You can hop off at the Harvard Ave stop, and in no time you'll be happy with what you ordered and back on your way to the Beanpot.

Joe's American Bar and Grill 

A personal favorite of mine would be Joe's. It's perfect for any occasion, and especially anything sports related. While it may take a little longer than Otto's, if you have the time it's most certainly worth it. Their menu features many bar food favorites like nachos, buffalo chicken tenders, and, of course, burgers. It's on the pricier side, but hey if you got your tickets with the gold pass then you've got some change to spare! It's just a quick walk from the Copley stop. 

Dig Inn

If you're heading to the game with your favorite group of girls, Dig Inn is the place to go. After spending the day eating cafeteria food, avocado toast probably sounds like heaven. For those who are less interested in the greasy sports food, there are plenty of healthy options at Dig Inn. It's two blocks away from the Copley stop, so you can partake in the B line ride while getting a quick break and filling up on some nutritious food.

B. Good

If your friends want burgers and you want a salad, or vice versa, B. Good is the place to go. They have a variety of options, and everyone in your group is sure to find something they want. Even more so, you can get off at various stops on the T. It's a block from the Hynes Convention Center stop, the Copley stop, the Boylston stop, and the Government Center stop. Depending on how much you're enjoying the T, you can get off wherever you like.

The Four's Restaurant and Sports Bar 

The Four's is at the most convenient stop because you can get off at North Station, wander over for some food, and then cross the street and you're at the TD Garden. This restaurant has every stereotypical "bar food" item in the book. It's perfect for filling up before the big game and saving some money on delicious food, rather than spending $14 on a hot dog that leaves you unsatisfied.

Insomnia Cookies   

The most important part of any meal is dessert. So, after eating on the way there, watching the game, and heading back to campus, I'm sure you're wondering "but what do I do if I'm still hungry?" Stop off at the BU East stop (flaunting your BC apparel, hopefully after a big win), and grab a cookie. There will be no regrets once you look at the menu filled with options of mouthwatering cookies. If you have an early class Tuesday, you can even swing by and pick up a box of cookies and take them with you to-go, all for $15.