For a long time, I have been interested in Korean culture but the food is what really pulled me in. Korean food comes with so many different spices and cuisines so you can only imagine my excitement when I found Five Senses in Manhattan, New York.

I first came across Five Senses when my friends and I were looking for a place to eat. It was my friend's birthday and I suggested we go to Koreatown (K-Town). That's when we spotted this Korean restaurant.

The "Sense"  Behind It

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Alysia Fleming

Five Senses is one of many restaurants in Koreatown. It was started in 2015 by owners John and Richard. Their hope was to bring the "busy, loud, and flavorful experience from South Korea to NYC," as they simply put it. The two owners also express their goal to "stimulate all of your five senses." Hence, the name.

Feeling Welcome

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The first time I went to Five Senses, I didn't pay any attention to the beauty of the restaurant. I was too excited to try some new Korean foods.

After being there so many times, however, I've realized how welcoming the restaurant is. At first glance, Five Senses seems like a fancy business dinner place because of its simple dark wood and grey-stoned walls, but it's way more welcoming than that.

When you first walk in, you are greeted with an "Annyeonghaseyo" [Ann-yong-say-yo] which is the formal way of saying hello in Korean. This small gesture makes me feel welcome every time I go there.

Can't Forget the Food

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The food at Five Senses truly makes you feel like you're in Korea, enjoying a home cooked meal. After ordering, you are given a table full of side dishes just like in a traditional Korean home. The side dishes can be anything from kimchi, fish cakes, or things as simple as potato salad.

Alysia Fleming

If you love spicy, this spot is definitely the place for you. It embodies the spicy flavors of authentic Korean cooking and incorporates it into many of its dishes, including their yummy Kimchi Jjigae. This stew comes with spicy kimchi and Berkshire pork belly.

Alysia Fleming


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I enjoyed all of the meals I've had at Five Senses but there are a few that I will definitely be ordering again.

The Dol Sat Bi Bim Bap is one of the many favorites at Five Senses. It is a dish that I would recommend to anyone who is trying Korean food for the first time. This mouthwatering entree comes with rice, veggies, your choice of meat (or tofu) and is topped with a fried egg. It's a simple dish that will get you started with embracing the flavors of Korean cooking. It can't get any better than that!

My next favorite is one of their signature dishes. Dol Pan Kimchi Bokum Bap is kimchi fried rice on a hot stone pan, with the option of a fried egg. The best part: MOZZARELLA CHEESE. The stone pan is still hot so you can watch the cheese melt and turn into absolute deliciousness. It's a little spicy but once you grab yourself a cup of water, you'll be good to go.

Head on over!

Five Senses is located in Koreatown at 9 W 32nd St New York, NY 10001. They are open from 10 am-6 am on Sunday-Thursday and 8 am-6 am on Friday and Saturday. Aside from their meat dishes, Five Senses also offers vegetarian options.

I hope you enjoy Five Senses as much as I did. If it is your first time having Korean, be ready to indulge in a new world of amazing flavors and unique dishes