It's no surprise that every college student wants to escape their dining hall for some good food, usually induced by late night munchies or Sunday morning hangovers. Luckily, here in Geneva, we've got some places that every student misses when they're gone and inevitably craving some taste of school.

1. Mark's Pizza

Venture into downtown Geneva on a Friday or Saturday night - or Saturday or Sunday early morning - and you'll find a line out the door of Hobart and William Smith students waiting for their pizza. The slices in the tiny store are huge, and they're more than enough to satisfy your late night munchies.

2. Bagel's and Cakes

Ah, Sunday mornings. The only time it's socially acceptable to wear sunglasses in public with last nights make-up smudged under your eyes. Never fear, Bagels and Cakes has been catering to the hungover students of Geneva for years. Look no further than their bagel sandwiches to sop up the remainders of last night and hopefully ease your pounding headache. 

3. Mr. Twistee's

goody, caramel, candy, ice, milk, sweet, cream, chocolate
Monika von Brauchitsch

All us HWS students know how long the winter can seem in upstate New York, and the return of Mr. Twistee's marks the change of seasons and the return of spring time and quad days. If you love soft serve, sprinkles, and some earth-shattering ice cream, start spring the right way here. 

4. Char Burrito Bar

Sorry, Chipotle, but if CBB was franchised, they'd give you a run for your money. Queso, guac, fresh lime, and aesthetically pleasing bowls, what more could you want from a burrito bar? You'll find the students that occupy Geneva there on any weeknight or weekend, when the perils of Saga have become too much to handle.

5. Opus' Grilled Cheese

We swear Opus has food that's not the grilled cheese, but it's just too hard to resist every time. Whether you choose the original with tomato soup, or go the grilled cheese and bacon route, no bite will make you regret your choice. And if you're sick of ABP coffee (I sure am), Opus is the place to go. 

Not surprisingly, these foods all make pretty great drunchies. If you want to check out some of the worst - and somehow best - drunchies from members of the Spoon fam, check this out.