Just when you thought there may not be a dish more satisfying that Trinity Irish Pub's spinach and artichoke dip, the owners are giving Charlottesville even more to crave. They teamed up with two talented, local restauranteurs this past summer to create the Downtown Mall's latest prodigy: The Fitzroy.

After savoring every bite of my roasted chicken during my first visit, I decided to sit down with owner Richard Ridge to get the inside scoop on why The Fitzroy needs to be a part of your next night out.

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Sam Brosnahan

1. Personalized options.

Although it might be easy to settle for one of UVA's classic Corner restaurants, The Fitzroy is offering up an original menu full of new options that you can't find on University Ave. The owners were inspired to create dishes with familiar, yet elevated flavors that take classic dishes to a new level.

Every menu item comes a-la-carte, allowing guests to create a customized meal with ease. The menu clearly labels both gluten-sensitive and vegetarian options, and the chefs are very open to adjusting to any request.

Maybe you want to indulge and have some broiled mac and cheese with your salad, or enjoy the bacon roasted brussels sprouts with your decadent pork chop. From boneless fried chicken, fresh fish, huge entrée salads, and the most mouth-watering cauliflower around, there is an option for every person.

2. Polished but casual atmosphere.

While you may love to kick back on Boylan's porch or share a slice at Mellow, sometimes you need to get away from UVA's lively crowd. The Fitzroy provides the perfect escape from the Corner that is far better than third-floor Trin on a Friday night

The sleek, simple decor and dim lighting create a cozy, yet sophisticated escape. Owner Richard Ridge told us The Fitzroy is the perfect place for your next date and strongly believes that the late night bar scene is worth sticking around for.

Just as mature as it is fun, The Fitzroy transforms into the classiest college bar you could imagine. Enjoy the house tonic (or any of the creative cocktails) from their famed drink menu, and bump to your favorite throwbacks without fighting through mobs of your inebriated peers.

3. Delicious and affordable.

Coming from personal experience, it is hard to balance  love for quality food with a depleting bank account. However, The Fitzroy gives customers the chance to enjoy impressive food on a reasonable budget.

Every weekday you can enjoy the $12 lunch deal that includes all of The Fitzroy's signature sandwiches, salads and sides. During the dinner service, all of the sandwiches are priced between $10 and $12, and the entrées range from $12 to $18, making a splurge on a night out definitely feel more rational.

The a-la-carte sides are absolutely worth ordering, and there's not a place in Charlottesville that can beat The Fitzroy in taste or price.

4. Locally sourced ingredients.

The owners of The Fitzroy are not only dedicated to creating the best flavors in Charlottesville, they also strive to provide their customers with top quality products. Every menu item contains ingredients from trusted Virginia suppliers, and The Fitzroy team knows the value of supporting local businesses.

Ridge and his team also double as The Fitzroy's primary chefs to personally please every customer. Seven Hills Food supplies each cut of premium Virginia meat, Goodwin Creek Farm & Bakery freshly bakes each slice of bread and Kite's Hams brings only the finest country ham to the Downtown Mall. 

Choosing to use ingredients from local suppliers gives The Fitzroy team the chance to customize each delivery based on what flavors they want to feature on the menu, and be sure that every product will meet their needs.

5.  All-you-can-eat brunch.

Last, but clearly not least, The Fitzroy offers a Sunday brunch buffet that may put the Boar's Head to shame. From 10:30 am to 2:30 pm you can have as much of your favorite brunch flavors as you want without destroying your wallet.  

For $18 you can have anything from freshly baked cinnamon buns and veggie frittatas, to shrimp and grits, gourmet breakfast potatoes and fried chicken and waffles.

The all-you-can-eat buffet is quick, flexible, and of course, necessary for every college student getting ready to begin another long week in the library.

I know it's easy to fall back on your go-to restaurants, but The Fitzroy is a place that will convince you, and your stomach, that it is worth the trip downtown.