Whether a student in New York City, a tourist, resident, etc., you may have heard of the glorious weekly food market known as Smorgasburg. Co-founders, Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby, launched the market in 2011 as a 'spinoff' of Brooklyn Flea and since then have expanded into a major event. About 20,000 to 30,000 hungry customers come to try new foods at the 100 vendors within the market. One important thing to note is that on Saturdays the market is located in Williamsburg while on Sundays it is located in Prospect Park. Not only will you know where to go, you'll know what to eat because here are some of the best eats of Smorgasburg of 2017.

Pop Pasta

Okay, this one is for the more adventurous type. There have always been some crazy trendy foods like the cronut or avocado toast but this type of food is a bit different. Pop Pasta serves the spaghetti doughnut, which they describe as a combination of spaghetti pie and the doughnut. If you're looking to try a trending food and are a huge fan of spaghetti or doughnuts then this booth may be calling your name.

John's Juice 

To possibly wash down those spaghetti doughnuts or whatever you choose to eat, these juices are definitely an essential. John's Juice provides their customers with all natural juices in their fruit shell. These drinks are Instagram-worthy based on their health value and how cute they look in the shell. Some of the fruit juices include Dragonfruit, watermelon, pineapple, orange, and more.

Ramen Burger

Although this has been at Smorgasburg for a few years now, it is still sure to please any hungry customer looking for something different. Ramen Burger serves up a hamburger between two ramen patties at their booth. The developer of the burger, Keizo Shimamoto, observed both pork sandwiches and ramen buns which cultivated the idea of merging the two giving us the one of a kind burger. Make sure to pick one up one of these next time you go to Smorgasburg.

Dulcinea Churros & Co.

If you are a lover of churros or sweet desserts then this booth is definitely a must. The stand sells churros that are stuffed, dipped and coated with irresistible ingredients. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an ice cream sandwich nestled between two churro buns, a shake, or just a Nutella stuffed churro.

If any of these foods caught your attention then Smorgasburg is open rain or shine in either location from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.