East Village, also known as the Ukrainian Village, has plenty of places to get pierogi (pyeh-RO-gi, NOT per-OH-gee). Streecha and Veselka serve as the Cooper hotspots for anyone who wants to indulge in the traditional Slavic dish. However, the best place to get a bite of pierogi as well as more authentic Polish cuisine is Little Poland, a gem in East Village. My first dinner at Little Poland was life-changing, and I urge all of you to go and experience the best pierogi in town.

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Gabriela Godlewski

Little Poland serves all the traditional Polish meals, changing menus with the seasons. In the winter, (when I first went) they serve meals such as barszczyk- red Borscht, żurek (ZHU-rek)- white Borscht, gołąbki (go-WOMP-kee)- cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and pork, and kiełbasa.

Now they serve the summer menu, featuring cold barszczyk and zapiekanki and open sandwiches often served hot. Although most authentic Polish dishes contain some form of meat or dairy, Little Poland also serves plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

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Gabriela Godlewski

When I ordered a plate of my favorite pierogi, stuffed with a heavenly mixture of mashed potatoes and farmer’s cheese, I was delighted to finally find a meal that could rival my mother’s cooking. The pierogi in Little Poland are the perfect example of what Polish pierogi should taste like. Now, if I ever miss my mom’s pierogi, I know I can head over to Little Poland for a satisfactory replacement.

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Anna Woolery

Another fantastic dish is Little Poland’s combination platter. For $18.95, this feast has pierogi, gołąbki, kiełbasa, and bigos (hunter’s stew) enough for you and your friend. I had this dish on a cold winter’s day, and it was happiness on a plate. One bite in and I was taken back to a restaurant in the Polish mountains on a freezing winter day (where I was served the exact same meal).

If you’re looking for a warm and hearty meal that looks and smells just as good as it tasts, or if you want to know what it's like to be home with Babcia, I encourage you to try this fantastic diner. With Little Poland only a few blocks from my apartment, I no longer have to travel thousands of miles to get the taste of home.

#SpoonTip: They're open every day from 7 am - 11 pm.