When I came across an article about Eataly opening in Bologna, I was in complete panic! I knew studying in Florence, Italy for my semester abroad would be an experience of a lifetime, but I didn't expect to be an hour away from a foodie's paradise. FICO Eataly World in Bologna opened its doors in November 2017, offering a "theme park" of deliciousness to the public free of entry.

Not only does FICO sell top quality products, but they also have 45 restaurants, live attractions, and interactive food stations. Bus2alps offered transportation for this delicious experience free of charge! I spent nearly 4 hours touring this 25,000 square foot dreamland and here is what I ate.

Lots of Carbs

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta! If you are in Bologna, it's only natural to order a bolognese. Il Bistro di Sfogliamo offers several types of hand crafted pasta made daily. Founded in 2015, Sfogliamo manages the fresh pasta workshop at FICO Eataly. In just one hour, they can teach you how to make incredible pasta dough in different shapes. You will leave class with pasta making secrets and a delicious meal made by you!

For The Meat Eaters

Chelsea Schwartz

If you want to try some amazing meats, you have to check out Renzini. Tradition, research, and top quality raw materials are the definition of true Renzini. Their curing methods and unique recipes have been passed down over 4 generations!

The platters are unbelievable and can include whatever you choose. My friend and I ordered prosciutto, ham, bologna, and Pecorino with honey and arugula. It also includes slices of toasted focaccia bread. Since coming back home, I've been inspired to make my own versions of the Renzini platter.


Chelsea Schwartz

Holy. Cannoli. If you're not too full after the platters and pasta, there are hundreds of desserts you can indulge in! Make your way down to Palazzolo for Sicilian-style pastries. Founded by Santi Palazzolo in 1920, these small bites of sugar and creme were totally worth it. The cannoli, sfingette and settimo cielo were all incredible—and these were only three out of thousands.

Chelsea Schwartz

It's impossible to order everything this giant food park has to offer, but the best part is, they have a ton of tasting stands where you can experience amazing flavors and ingredients found all over Italy. I highly recommend De Nigris' i fruttati pera with balsamic vinegar, Roboqued Jam, and Mielizia Honey. I even bought 2 small jars of the pear and raspberry jam to take home. They are perfect to put on a baguette as a quick breakfast or snack before heading to class.

FICO Eataly World is dedicated to providing its customers and supporters with high quality products, produce, and an unforgettable experience. They have 40 factories and many acres of farming fields where a majority of their produce comes from. You can see first hand how your food is made and the fresh ingredients that are used. So, if you find yourself in Italy, make your way to this food palace with an open mind, and plan to leave with a full belly.