I became a vegetarian when I was forced to watch Food Inc. during my sophomore year of high school and I will never not blame my health teacher. I have always loved meat, and now I just cannot get myself to eat it (animal lover problems). That being said though, I am not one of those health-nut vegetarians and still honestly eat like crap, so if you're looking to mix up your vegetarian meals and want to #TreatYo'self, then you should definitely try these awesome meals out.

1. Mead’s BLT - Mead’s Green Door Cafe

I am a huge sandwich person, but since I became a vegetarian, it’s always been difficult to find a really yummy sandwich without meat other than a grilled cheese (which don’t get me wrong, I adore with all of my heart). The vegan bacon on this might freak some people out, but it’s actually totally delicious. This sandwich is one of my favorite meals ever. 

2. BBQ Crispy Tofu - Green Tomato Grill 

For someone who has been a vegetarian for so long, I should definitely enjoy/eat more tofu than I do. But really, who actually LIKES tofu? I wasn’t a huge fan until I tried this tofu bowl. This bowl is basically just a delicious southwest salad and the crispy tofu is so good. The way they cook it honestly makes you forget you’re even eating tofu. 

3. Vegan Hot Dog - LinX

cheddar, cheese
Drew Petersen

VEGAN. HOT DOG. I obviously cannot speak for the entire vegetarian community, but being someone who really misses meat, this was a dream come true. Real hot dogs are pretty gnarly, so this vegan dog is such a great substitute. The flavor is out of this world.

When I order it, I usually customize it with whatever toppings and sauces I’m in the mood for. They also have a great craft beer selection which is always a plus.  

4. Caprese Toast - Tru Bru Organic Coffee

Toast is the best, we all know that. So, it’s really exciting to find a place that makes quality toast, and it’s obviously great when the same place serves great coffee AND beer. All the food that I’ve tried at Tru Bru is great, but the Caprese Toast is definitely the best. Pesto, mozzarella and fresh sliced tomatoes on a golden slice of toast. Nothing beats it. 

5. Green Eggs & Ham (no ham, add avocado) - Bruxie 

bacon, cheese, chicken, sandwich, waffle
Drew Petersen

If you’re a vegetarian, you know that 9 times out of 10 you have to find a way to edit your meal to get it without meat. It truly is a struggle. This sandwich definitely makes it worth it, though. This sandwich has melty cheese, eggs, and a great salty arugula pesto, and adding the avocado seriously puts the cherry on top. 

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, there's no way you won't love these 5 different no-meat entrees. Happy eating!