A few weeks ago, Tiffany, Whitney and I explored Little Goat for a Sunday dinner. Not surprisingly, the diner was packed, so keep in mind to make a reservation before you go.

Fried Pickles & Onion Rings

onion, tempura
Tiffany Chen

The three of us first ordered an appetizer to share: Fried Pickles & Onion Rings. We all enjoyed it except that one of the dipping sauces, curry mayo, tasted kind of strange with the pickles and onion rings. I personally prefer classic onion rings because they have a thicker layer of batter. However, the thin, light batter in this dish works pretty well with pickles.

For our entrees, it took us quite a while to choose because there were so many great options, especially since Little Goat serves breakfast all day. Eventually, the three of us had a good balance of orders: Tiffany ordered the Reuben as she usually does, Whitney went for the Fat Elvis Waffles, and I had the Veggie Quesadilla.


bacon, cheese, sandwich
Tiffany Chen

Since Little Goat can be considered a New American fusion restaurant, its Reuben sandwich is slightly unconventional. The combination of traditional corned beef, spicy kimchi and creamy Danish Havarti cheese definitely gives you a new take on the traditional sandwich, though it's just as delicious as the classic version.

Fat Elvis Waffles

chips, sandwich, french toast, bread, butter, toast, banana
Whitney Beamer

From bacon maple syrup and sliced bananas to peanut-butter butter and decadent chocolate waffles, the Fat Elvis Waffles give you all the energy and sugar you want and need for breakfast (or really any time of day).

Veggie Quesadillas

salmon, rice
Michelle Gao

Unlike typical quesadillas, Little Goat's quesadillas have both fruits and vegetables. The cheddar cheese and goat cheese crumbs perfectly balance the sweet berries and savory veggies. The chive yogurt dip is also a great complement.

Goat Almighty Burger

Even though we didn't have the chance to order this beauty (pictured), I have to mention Little Goat's signature Goat Almighty burger. It's a goat burger topped with braised beef, BBQ pork, onion rings, jalapeños and cheddar cheese. Bring two stomachs with you when you order this at Little Goat.

Overall, the three of us enjoyed the dinner a lot, and the quality and portions were perfect for the price. Next time you go to Little Goat, be ready to go home with a happy food baby.