My boyfriend and I took a road trip into Colorado for spring break and found some of the best burger joints, local breweries and tacos you'll ever eat! We stopped in Denver, Steamboat Springs, and Colorado Springs, while taking recommendations from locals, the best way to do it.

Denver, CO

Park Burger

coffee, beer
Abby Cambiano

Park Burger is a family-friendly neighborhood burger joint that boasts all-natural beef and great beer. The sweet potato fries were fantastic, and I tried my first local Colorado brew.

Sweet Cow

Abby Cambiano

Just next door, Sweet Cow Creamery offered crazy good ice cream. They currently offer 24 fun flavors like Ozo Coffee Almond Fudge and Strawberry Margarita Sorbet. Most are very rich, so don't bite off more than you can chew!

Prodigy Coffee

beer, water
Abby Cambiano

This contemporary coffee shop used to be a Jiffy Lube, but now it couldn't get any cuter! There's great artwork both outside and in and is a great place to read, chat with friends or grab that much-needed caffeine.

The interior, while mostly open, has a meeting room and a lounge, as well as plenty of tables and bar top space. The big garage doors open out onto a patio when the weather's nice.

Walnut Room

sausage, mushroom, cheese, sauce, pizza
Abby Cambiano

The Walnut Room has a wide selection of local beers, great Chicago style pizza and live music in the evening. We liked that it had 10" pizzas so we could each pick what we liked. 

Tom's Urban

tea, ice
Abby Cambiano

This elevated sports bar had an incredibly creative, humorous and lengthy menu—almost too hard to choose. While we stuck to pretty familiar food, the Cocomojito was THE BOMB. Coconut water rum was the main ingredient. That's healthy, right?


maple syrup, bacon
Abby Cambiano

So, just because I know you're curious, crack bacon is made with cracked black pepper and brown sugar. This stuff is seriously addictive. I am a strong advocate for brunch, and this place took the (coffee) cake.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Salt and Lime

mango, shrimp, lime, salsa, fish, chicken, tacos
Abby Cambiano

Wow oh wow. I sure do love tacos, but these were perfection. I got chicken tica, carne asada and beer-battered fish tacos. I usually don't order fish tacos unless I can see the ocean, but I made an exception and I wasn't disappointed. This cowboy chic taco shop was one of my favorite restaurants of this road trip... if not ever.

Winona's Restaurant and Bakery

sauce, pork, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken
Abby Cambiano

Apparently I missed the memo on chili cheese grits, but I am 100 percent for it. Winona's is a spot for locals and tourists alike and a great place to fill up before a day on the slopes. They also offer giant cinnamon rolls, but we didn't plan ahead and were too full to get one.

Colorado Springs, CO

Crave Real Burgers

cheese, bun, tomato, onion, bacon, avocado, hamburger
Abby Cambiano

After traveling for almost a week, we were craving a good ol' regular burger. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Fortunately, they were still delicious. I got the Twisted Tzatziki burger—the nightly special—and fries. 

Overall, the food I ate in Colorado was fantastic, and the restaurants weren't just located in the big cities! We took a not-so-common route and ended up loving every bite.